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A call to prepare!

“As a society today, we are extremely vulnerable to events over which we have virtually no control. The systems created to support our basic needs are now so complex and interdependent, that a serious emergency can cause breakdowns in the supply of essential goods and services.” – Denis Korn, 1989

Not since I started in this very specialized industry, 35 years ago, have I felt so called to encourage friends and customers to be adequately informed and prepared. The warning stated above is even more fitting today than it was 20 years ago. While it has always been my attitude and choice not to exaggerate nor focus inappropriately on the negative and menacing issues of the times, I am neither naive nor ignorant of the current and emerging challenges that we all face at this point in time. We are at a crossroad in the evolution of our society. For most reading this commentary, the events surrounding us and the potential for a significant impact on our chosen lifestyles are unprecedented – and difficult to comprehend. We are encircled by political, economic, psychological, and natural calamities that are creating an atmosphere of constant and pervading uncertainty. What if any actions are to be taken? As far as preparedness planning is concerned, it is my hope that whatever action you choose, it is motivated by knowledge, good advice, and critical thinking, not by fear and knee-jerk reaction.

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