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Oxygen Absorbers

Ageless oxygen absorber

I want to start this article by letting those reading it know that after significant research, it was I who introduced the use of oxygen absorbers into the emergency food and outdoor recreational foods industries in the early 1990’s while owner of AlpineAire Foods.  I did it because it was an excellent and very effective technology, developed in Japan, to insure a very low residual oxygen level in appropriate containers, and it was very easy and relatively inexpensive to use.

At that time the goal to achieve for the canning of shelf-stable dried foods was a residual oxygen level of 2% or below.  This was the level required by military specifications for long term foods.  Oxidation and an atmosphere inhibiting microbial growth were significantly reduced at these low levels.  The military specified the #10 can for their long term storage of dried products.  By utilizing the appropriate size oxygen absorber, the residual oxygen levels could be reduced to 0.1% or less – a significant drop in oxygen levels…

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