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Recommended Books

Preparedness knowledge brings peace of mind

I have listed over 200 books in 10 categories that can be very useful and perhaps life saving. These books represent a broad range of excellent information, guidance, ideas, and critical knowledge. When you click on a book that interests you, I recommend you follow the link to amazon to find out more details about that book and perhaps read the comments left by readers. If you feel so inclined, you are invited to purchase the books that interest you at that time directly from Amazon.

At the top of the site you will find the RECOMMENDED BOOKS drop down menu – pick a category and have fun.
Categories available include:
Food Storage, General Preparedness, Business & Professional Preparedness, Survival Handbooks, Using Trail Foods for Emergencies & Adventure/Dehydrating Your Own Food, Medical for Emergencies, Self-Reliance/Homesteading, Camping/Backpacking/Hiking, Wild Edible Plants, and Sprouting.

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