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Food Storage Assortments - How adequate are they?

By Denis Korn

There is a food storage company who is currently advertising on many very popular web sites and talk radio shows whose readers and listeners are inclined to self-reliance and may be motivated to prepare because of disturbing current events. Add to this a plastic bucket of small food pouches, being sold at […]

Food Storage Packing - Do-it-yourself Facts & Myths

Do-it-yourself Foil Pouches

By Denis Korn

The purpose of this article is to present specific details and recommendations for packing your own shelf stable foods for food storage, including what works and what doesn’t in creating an oxygen free atmosphere for long term food storage, and the common misconceptions of how to do […]

Attitude is Everything

By Denis Korn

Yes – attitude is everything. So what does this mean, especially during an emergency, disaster, or catastrophic event?

After 35 years of educating, supplying, and encouraging folks for emergency preparedness, I am convinced and truly believe that the most important element in emergency and disaster preparedness is one’s attitude. I am also […]

Emergency Preparedness - What's the Triggering Event?

By Denis Korn

Many folks are reluctant to plan ahead, or they assume that the government or others will take care of them, or they are just too busy, or they just don’t think it is necessary. As an option to doing nothing or to enhance some other method of emergency preparedness planning you have […]

Summary of Action Steps for Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

The following summary of actions steps is an excerpt from the important article Beginning and Improving Preparedness Planning. You are highly encouraged to read the entire article. It was written for the preparedness planner at any stage of their preparedness process. If you have any questions leave a post or contact […]