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Appliances & Equipment for Emergency Food Storage Preparation

By Denis Korn

Remember: The equipment you have assembled for emergency preparedness should match the scenarios, persons involved and time frames you have determined will affect your unique circumstances. Inappropriate and incomplete essential equipment for food preparation can significantly affect your emergency experience. Much of this equipment will be the same […]

My favorite grains & beans for food storage

By Denis Korn

I am often asked which grains and beans do I recommend for long term food storage? The ones I recommend I eat often and they taste great. I must admit I am prejudiced in my selection because I come from 35 years in the Natural Foods Industry. My list is short and […]

Is the family secure when you're away?

By Denis Korn

A recent conversation during an interview reminded me of a presentation I made some years back to a large gathering of preparedness professionals. This convention consisted of folks who came from all over the country and of course this meant that they would be gone from their families for a few […]

Honesty - the cornerstone of preparedness planning

By Denis Korn – Visit PrepareDirect for the finest in preparedness products

I have written a great deal on preparedness planning on this blog. I have given both general and specific information on the preparedness process – tips – guidelines – action steps – and numerous crucial questions I feel are essential for proper […]