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About Using Oxygen Absorbers Properly – Revisited

By Denis Korn

Interest in the use of oxygen absorbers for those who pack their own food storage has been extremely high since I wrote the following post in February that introduced my detailed article Using and About Oxygen Absorbers. The post highlighted the beginning of my article with an appropriate link to the whole article.  This article is one the the most read I have written to date, and there is no doubt that people want reliable information and guidelines on oxygen absorber usage.

I would like to know if there are more details or observations you would like me to share, and/or do you have any relevant comments to share with readers?  There is a definite desire among preppers and preparedness advocates to be ready for unforeseen events and surprises.  Many folks choose to pack their own in a way that will ensure a quality meal if the emergency scenario being planned for should come to pass.  Let me know your experiences and thoughts.

February’s post:

I want to start this article by letting those reading it know that after significant research, it was I who introduced the use of oxygen absorbers into the emergency food and outdoor recreational foods industries in the early 1990’s while owner of AlpineAire Foods.  I did it because it was an excellent and very effective technology, developed in Japan, to insure a very low residual oxygen level in appropriate containers, and it was very easy and relatively inexpensive to use.

At that time the goal to achieve for the canning of shelf-stable dried foods was a residual oxygen level of 2% or below.  This was the level required by military specifications for long term foods.  Oxidation and an atmosphere inhibiting microbial growth were significantly reduced at these low levels.  The military specified the #10 can for their long term storage of dried products.  By utilizing the appropriate size oxygen absorber, the residual oxygen levels could be reduced to 0.1% or less – a significant drop in oxygen levels…

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Using & About Oxygen Absorbers.

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