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Essential Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Information – Celebrate Peace of Mind

Press Release from PrepareDirect & Learn To Prepare – Distributed by PRWeb & written by Denis Korn

Denis Korn - Founder of PrepareDirect & Learn To Prepare

Nevada City, CA (PRWEB) July 14, 2010

Denis Korn, an expert in emergency & disaster preparedness since 1975, has created an easy to use blog with reliable & essential information for those beginning or improving their emergency preparedness planning. Specific guidelines, lists, essential questions, thought provoking articles and recommendations are presented relating to the planning process, self-reliance, food storage, preparedness equipment, do-it-yourself packing, survival kits and camping.

The uncertainty of the times, and a call from government, business, Red Cross and preparedness organizations to be ready for unexpected emergencies, requires trustworthy and experienced guidance to ensure security and peace of mind. The information and products available from Learn To Prepare and PrepareDirect are crucial to surviving and helping others to cope with the stresses and shock of an unforeseen emergency or disaster. Clear and dependable tips and guidelines and reliable provisions are essential.

Learn To Prepare is a very user friendly blog for individuals – families – and businesses that support ‘people resources’ – who need accurate and reliable information on beginning or improving a preparedness plan. Learn To Prepare is committed to providing information and instruction that may save people’s lives, contribute to their well-being, and make emergency situations and outdoor activities more comfortable and secure. Their mission is to inform and teach preparedness for emergencies, outdoor adventure, and self-reliance that is trustworthy, relevant, and easy to understand.

One will find on the Learn To Prepare website not only specific and detailed guidelines, lists, questions and instructions, but also insightful reflections and observations pertinent to preparing for emergencies and outdoor adventure – expressed with an attitude of empowerment not fear.

PrepareDirect is a product website whose purpose is to supply both essential and beneficial emergency and disaster preparedness and camping and backpacking products of superior quality. These products provide emergency planners and outdoor enthusiasts with security, comfort and peace of mind during challenging and adventurous situations.

“After 35 years of educating, supplying, and encouraging folks for emergency preparedness, I truly believe that the most important element in emergency and disaster preparedness is one’s attitude”.

Socrates the father of critical thinking in ancient Greece, used specific and focused questions to help his peers and students understand for themselves how to act and think appropriately. This is the technique used by Denis Korn to educate folks about preparedness and self-reliance. The right question is critical to discovering the right answer.

How do I get started? This is the number 1 question from those who realize the time has come to get serious – take responsibility – consider the safety and well-being of loved ones – and move from idea to action. Beginning and Improving Preparedness Planning is an indispensable planning guide – taking one from inspiration to completion. What essential items do I need to have on hand for an emergency or outdoor adventure? This is another important question from beginners and a crucial question for everyone at any stage of planning for emergencies and outdoor activities. 18 categories of items are listed in the Emergency Kit & Outdoor Recreation Essentials List.

For details about PrepareDirect and Learn To Prepare contact Denis Korn by phone at 800-775-1991. Mr. Korn welcomes inquires from media, individuals, companies, preparedness groups, non-profit and service organizations, government agencies, schools, churches and temples. He is available for interviews, counseling and consulting. You may learn more about Mr. Korn’s background at

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