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Food Shortages & Rising Prices?

Food - An Essential for Life

By Denis Korn

I have been following numerous articles lately that seem to portend serious issues concerning the food supply.

In the 35 years I have been a supplier, manufacturer and consultant  in the emergency preparedness industry, I have not promoted the doom and gloom of preparedness.  I do not focus on fear as a motivator for action – many posts at this blog attest to my communication style.  I prefer to stimulate readers to engage in critical thinking and seriously evaluate current events and balance intuition, common sense and discernment of the facts in making decisions.

We live in uncertain times – with uncertain leadership – with uncertain consequences if we are caught unprepared.  I encourage readers to consider the implications of a disruption in the food supplies not only in this country, but in other countries around the world.  Shortages and rising prices will effect everyone.

When could these events occur?  While it may be difficult to predict with certainty the timing of future events, it would be prudent and important to follow with discernment the unfolding events during these uncertain of times.  In my life I have not seen such a diverse combination of potentially catastrophic circumstances coming together at one time.

We can not trust the intentions nor the actions of the very institutions and leadership we all rely upon for our safety, well-being, information and provisions.  It is as if a cloud of darkness and deception has descended upon us.  Both human and natural events are working together to create a environment of fear, discontent, anger and uncertainty among a large population of the world’s citizens.  One’s attitude and mind set will determine to a great extent how we all deal with present and future experiences.

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