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Who is AlpineAire Foods?

By Denis Korn

AlpineAire Foods (current parent company Tyry, Inc.), has been a pioneer in the outdoor recreation and preparedness marketplace since 1975.  These unique foods were first sold locally, in San Diego California, and then made available nationwide in 1979.  AlpineAire is committed to providing outdoor adventurers and emergency planners with exceptional quality and nutritious shelf stable foods, which have constantly been judged the superior brand of choice.  Preferred by expeditions, rescue teams, extreme sport enthusiasts, and those who know that under demanding conditions the food they eat contributes to the caliber of their performance and the value of their experience.

AlpineAire Foods is currently located in Rocklin, California, near Sacramento, and has a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility.  The parent company with the corporate name of Tyry, Inc. is currently owned by Don Gearing, who has been associated with AlpineAire Foods since 1993.  Denis Korn, founder of PrepareDirect, also founded AlpineAire Foods in 1979.  Tyry, Inc. also owns the Richmoor and Natural High line of pouched outdoor recreational foods.  AlpineAire is one of the very few recreational and emergency shelf stable food manufacturing establishments to be federally inspected to comply with the strictest USDA standards for truthfulness in labeling, ingredient conformity, wholesomeness, and cleanliness.

Besides the availability of a wide selection of 34 entrees, snacks, and individual items, this level of inspection allows AlpineAire to utilize real meat products in many of their complete meal recipes and individual product offerings.  Most of their foods are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.  AlpineAire produces both a canned line of dried shelf stable foods called Gourmet Reserves, and a line of products packaged in poly-coated, heavy duty foil pouches.  In 1997 AlpineAire introduced their “Quick Zip” resealable pouch for added convenience of preparation.

Since the founding of AlpineAire three vital factors have been the cornerstones of product development – nutrition, convenience, and taste.  Serving sizes that are realistic, flavors that are satisfying, a source of sustaining energy, ease of preparation, and value you can trust.  AlpineAire uses a variety of quality non-perishable ingredients in its formulations.  These ingredients are the result of the latest developments in food technology, and are designed to ensure shelf stability, foods that reconstitute back to their original characteristics, nutritional value, and convenient preparation.

Few if any food reserve manufacturers can match the proven success of AlpineAire’s experience in exclusively feeding and sustaining people for a very long term with verified results!  Here are examples of just a few recent expeditions and adventures:

  • The 35th Anniversary Assault of Mt. Everest.
  • Kevin Foster’s bike trek across the Great Wall of China.
  • Official sponsor for Eco-Challenge both in SE Utah and Vancouver, Canada.
  • Brad Van Liew used AlpineAire Foods in his “Around Alone” single-handed 50′ sailboat race around the world, winning each leg as well as the overall race in 2002/2003.

Why Choose AlpineAire Foods?

The following list summarizes 14 important points that distinguish AlpineAire Foods:

  1. Experience and reliability since 1979.
  2. Regarded as the finest Food Reserves available, that don’t rely on nutritionally challenged white sugar and white flour, and whose food systems provide realistic and quality calories for proper nutrition.
  3. Nutritious quality ingredients.
  4. Facilities are federally inspected daily to insure compliance to high standards.  Food safety is taken seriously.
  5. One of the largest established companies in the industry.
  6. The largest selection of quality, completely blended meals and individual ingredients, available in special cans and foil pouches.
  7. Specialists in Freeze-Dried and specially dehydrated products, and an extensive variety of “No Cooking Required” meals and Food Reserve units.
  8. State-of-the-art technology and equipment in a new 25,000 sq. ft. facility.
  9. In house testing and quality control.
  10. Real meat products are used in beef, chicken, turkey, and shrimp meals.
  11. Proven nutritional results by record setting world class and extreme condition expeditions.
  12. Chosen for use by government, military, fire fighters, search and rescue, and demanding adventures.
  13. Significant value for cost.
  14. A very large selection of assortments and Food Systems for a diversity of needs.

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