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Why Be Prepared?

By Denis Korn

Being prepared for emergencies is simply a good and proper idea and a prudent action to take. If you need examples of why, look to the past and refer to the natural disasters, financial disruption, and man-made devastation that has occurred. Then look at the present for more evidence of potential tribulations and peril. Where are we vulnerable? We are susceptible to short-term disruptions and/or to circumstances that lead to long term changes in our lifestyles. You must choose what the scenario will be and how you will respond. Be aware that sensible preparedness planning provides an invaluable experience of security and peace of mind appreciated by yourself and your family.

We can not always rely on someone else or the government to take care of us. It is necessary to: 1 – identify potentially catastrophic scenarios, 2 – determine a realistic and suitable response, 3 – Create an appropriate plan of action. This is not a great revelation – it is rather self-evident.

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