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Water – Essential for Emergency Preparedness & Survival

By Denis Korn

Water – The #1 essential for Preparedness Planning

Clean water of course is essential for survival. While it is possible to go for weeks without food, after 3 – 5 days survival is at great risk without water. Make absolutely sure you answer the following questions.

o How much water […]

Basic Items for Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Recreation

By Denis Korn

Celebrate Peace of Mind

This list will give you suggestions for the very basic items required for outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness survival; especially if you must be mobile and respond quickly. While this list covers most short term scenarios it is vital that you adjust these basics and […]

Prepare the Entire Family for Emergencies

By Denis Korn

Is your family prepared for emergencies at all times?

The spring of 2010 has bought us catastrophic events that have had devastating and lasting effects on thousands of people around the world. I pray that you take this advice seriously.

A recent conversation during an interview reminded me of a […]