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Prepare the Entire Family for Emergencies

By Denis Korn

Is your family prepared for emergencies at all times?

The spring of 2010 has bought us catastrophic events that have had devastating and lasting effects on thousands of people around the world.  I pray that you take this advice seriously.

A recent conversation during an interview reminded me of a presentation I made some years back to a large gathering of preparedness professionals.  This convention consisted of folks who came from all over the country and of course this meant that they would be gone from their families for a few days.  Bear in mind that at my presentation there were a couple hundred people whose responsibilities included preparedness planning and education for very large companies, organizations, and governmental agencies.

At the beginning of my talk I asked the group how many felt completely confident that in their absence their families were prepared do deal with unforeseen emergencies or disasters – especially significant ones.  Only a few raised their hands!  Since most of these participants were the head of their households, what does it tell you about fulfilling one’s responsibility to protect and keep the family secure in difficult times?

Fortunately over the years the professional emergency management community has become more dedicated to personally embodying what they are responsible for in government and business.  What about the average household?

It appears that most head of households have some notion that their presence is security enough for the family.  This is a dangerous assumption.  The sensible attitude is to insure that all family members – adult – teenagers – and young children, know what to do, how to respond, where to go, who to contact, and where the information and supplies are located.  Instructions should be in writing and the entire family should participate in drills and practices.  Family members – immediate and extended – should know their part during an emergency under all scenarios and given any combination of family members physically present.

Between Learn To Prepare and numerous internet websites, there is an abundance of valuable information for the whole family.  Study this information as if your life depended on it – in a significant emergency it does!

So I ask all of you reading this post:  In your absence is you family adequately educated and prepared to properly respond and survive during a serious emergency situation?

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