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Are You Being Deceived? Trust – Confusion – Critical Thinking

By Denis Korn

Can you discern the truth from the lie?

“There is SO much confusing information out there on the web. One does not know what & who to trust anymore?”

This was the opening sentence of an email I recently received from Michael – a gentleman who is a MD and also has a PhD degree.  Although he has been aware of preparedness issues for some time, he is now beginning to take significant action, and he asked me several questions.

This is not just the observation of a highly educated man – this is what virtually all thinking persons are wondering.

His initial question has motivated me to write this post.  I have written other blogs that have addressed Michael’s dilemma – they are linked below – now however, is the time for all reading this to pay attention, get serious and be discerning.  The health and welfare of you, family, co-workers and friends depend on trustworthy and accurate preparedness information and reliable and appropriate preparedness provisions.

Confusing information and not knowing who to trust is one of the premier issues of our times – not only as it relates to politics, social institutions, education and the media – but also to what I am dedicated to doing – emergency preparedness planning and supplying quality products.  In my 42 years in this industry and 45 years of related studies I have not seen more misinformation, deliberate deceit and blatant ignorance relating to matters of preparedness, end times prophesy, interpretation of world events, economic reality and the value and meaning of freedom.  We are pulled in so many directions by so many self-serving special interests, it is no wonder that so many folks are confused, delusional, fearful and unable to discern the truth from the lie.

Michael’s statement reminded me of a central issue that I focused upon while teaching Critical Thinking at our local college – THE TRUTH.  Add to this TRUST.  These ever present themes lead me to require that my students (and now my blog readers) reflect upon and honestly answer for themselves the following simple but profound questions:

  • What is the truth?  ([Denis] it is what is – regardless of your opinion – it is not relative – your opinions are relative – there is “the truth” and it must be discovered using your discernment, critical thinking and evaluation skills)  Where and how do you discover it?
  • Who do you trust?  Why?
  • What do you believe?  Why?
  • From where do you obtain the information in which you formulate your world view?
  • What motivates you to action?  Or inaction?
  • Do you think or react?  Can you discern the difference?

If you can sincerely address these questions and understand the implications of honest answers, then you will be on the path to effective action, peace of mind and being able to properly support family, associates and the community.

The points I cover in this post are very important to me, and I sincerely welcome direct communication with any of my readers who wish further discussion.  Call me at 800-775-1991.

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You are encouraged to develop Critical Thinking skills!

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