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2012 Reflections – Part 1

By Denis Korn

2012 - Choose your attitude

In Part 1, I wish to share some observations and reflections about 2012 – a much anticipated year that many believe will usher in a myriad of diverse events – both positive and negative, catastrophes, opportunities, and profound transformation.

Then, in Part 2, I will briefly discuss what I feel to be an essential goal of all conscious people – Peace of Heart – this will be especially important this year and in the years to come.  It relates not only to emergency and disaster preparedness, but also to everyone’s experience of their journey through life – especially during challenging, transforming and troublesome times.  While the tag line at Learn To Prepare is Celebrate Peace of Mind – it is crucial to extend one’s celebration from the peacefulness of the mind through conscientious planning and physical action, to the awakening and the peacefulness of one’s heart while experiencing the significance of an empowering attitude and spirituality.


I first started studying prophesy, religion and philosophy in 1969 – now 43 years later a vast portion of our population is confused, excited, fearful, oblivious, brainwashed, fixated, obsessed, addicted or just curious about what some have predicted and prophesized to be a tumultuous, chaotic and transformative year.  In the interim between 1969 and 2012, and two academic degrees later, I have read, seen, heard and studied hundreds – probably thousands – of articles, books, speakers, prophets, sacred writings, sages, movies, radio and TV shows and whatever else piqued my interest.

I have meditated, prayed and studied the Bible concerning prophetic issues – I even wrote a master’s thesis on Christian eschatology (theological study of the final events in the history of the world) and apocalyptic (disastrous, prophetic, cataclysmic) – issues in contemporary society.  I do not have any vested interest in any particular point of view as to the details of events that might occur this year.  I have not staked my reputation on being “right” regarding any specific outcome as the year unfolds.

My responsibility is to scrutinize the public’s eagerness and fixation of 2012 with discernment, experience, intuition and good judgment.  While I do not profess to have paranormal or mystical revelations into the “real truth” about current events, my study has given me some insights on the current fascination with the year 2012.

Here in short phrases are my observations:

  • The most important aspect of any actual or potential 2012 event will be one’s attitude, state of mind and connection with one’s heart.  I am often asked what I think will happen in 2012 – my simple answer is not meant to be facetious, flippant or sarcastic – it is meant to stimulate serious evaluation, reflection and address the vital issue of attitude and responsibility:  What do you want to happen?
  • It will be essential to develop your discernment skills!  Be focused and attentive to the events that will unfold this most unique of years.  Distinguishing fact from fiction will be crucial in evaluating any potential scenario and possibly motivating you to respond with the proper actions.
  • The diversity of opinion and judgment concerning specific events that will occur is astounding!  The scenarios depicted range from massive destruction, a battle for human domination by those on the “dark” side, earth changes, war and mayhem – to spiritual awakening, the ushering in of a golden age, a leap in evolution and human consciousness, a dramatic transformation in the global monetary system, the defeat of those on the “dark” side, peace and harmony and divine revelation and intervention.
  • Vested interests will attempt to manipulate the public with fear, false and deceitful assumptions, inappropriate suggestions and outright lies.
  • This is the year when anything catastrophic could happen or nothing catastrophic could happen.  Many prophesies, and predictions have focused on 2012 for fulfillment.  Many ancient texts point to this time in history – it is a time of converging prophesies – a time of “the great shift of the ages.”  A major source of speculation has come from the ending of a Mayan calendar (some report multiple Mayan calendars), predictions of disastrous earth changes, a pole shift, galactic alignment, Hopi prophesy, extraterrestrial intervention, astrological cycles, the Biblical tribulation and numerous other potential influences all coming together this year – or very soon.  Combine these potential events with what we see and read daily concerning the economy, political expediency, exploitation and manipulation of the public, wars and rumors of war, corporate and governmental self-serving, food shortages, epidemics and a myriad of other potentially catastrophic scenarios, and there appears to be an endless list of things to be concerned about.
  • Google “2012” and you get over 4 million results.  They range from the interesting and well presented to the absurd and irrelevant.  I have read, heard and seen reports of pending events that are so fantastic, bizarre and unbelievable, that I don’t know what to make of what I am witnessing.  Other discussions are rational, intelligent and well presented.  There are thousands of books, blogs, websites, articles and radio shows devoted to the 2012 happening.  Most folks are presenting their observations and conclusions with the zeal of certainty.  What does all this multiplicity mean?  Is it real, or is it manufactured – or some of both?  What is really going on here?  Is there reason for concern?  Is there any basis for beginning a discussion on the relevancy of this 2012 phenomenon on daily life?  Is there any consensus that can be determined from all the differing opinions about 2012?
  • Many people are sensing a major change or shift talking place – a testing period and a healing period.  Many feel deceived, mislead, manipulated, abandoned and used.  They perceive a total failure of leadership and truth at all levels of current society – government – education – media – corporate.  There is a yearning for leadership that truly cares about the citizenry and that has the heart, mind and ability to effect real change.  A leadership that has not been bought off or acts solely for the interests of those who undeniably have significant moral and mental disorders.  Hopelessness desires to be replaced by authentic hopefulness.
  • In my opinion, there are many different approaches to studying and evaluating the 2012 experience.  Start by asking appropriate questions.  Are any of the predictions likely to occur?  If so, what does one do now?  Is there an insidious agenda behind the instilling of fear among the population?  What is the significance of the 2012 phenomenon from the standpoint of human behavior and indoctrination techniques?  What is the governmental, scientific and academic reaction nationally and globally?  What does my heart tell me?  If societal and personal transformation is real, where do I start, and how?
  • Who do you trust for reliable and accurate information concerning all the potential scenarios that have been presented?  Where are you going to go for intelligent and meaningful discussion?  Can you discern truthful and informed intelligence from disinformation, deceptive and dishonest reporting and agenda driven rhetoric?  Will you get caught up in the wave of mindless reaction and inappropriate preparation without careful research and evaluation?
  • Those who write, interpret, and speak of the significance of 2012 and offer very specific outcomes and assessments, stand on differing levels on the mountain of truth.  Some stand at the base of the mountain – some at the middle – and some close to the top.  Some can see only one direction at a time – some have a more panoramic view.  If anyone stands on the top of the mountain they have a clear view of the entire landscape.  Two questions:  How do you know where any given individual is standing?  How do they convey and transmit what they see to those who are still in the valley?
  • I truly feel that something significant is happening, has already begun and continues with increasing intensity this year, and will continue to evolve for years to come.  That something begins with a sincere desire to be transformed from within and to truly seek and discover The Truth.  This is the consensus that I believe connects all of the perceptions and assessments of 2012.  Transformation is expressed in varying ways and degrees with a myriad of metaphors, illustrations, parables, stories, symbols, interpretations, meditations and prayers.  If one is sincerely committed and called to be transformed for the benefit of oneself, family and community, then a path, teaching, individual or group will present itself.  We must consciously choose the true way.
  • Sacred texts, Biblical Scripture and enlightened teachers have taught the necessity for and revered consequences of true transformation.  Perhaps this is the time for such a shift.
  • Explaining times such as these often requires the metaphor of light and dark – good and evil.  Look around – open your eyes and much can be understood this way in determining what is influencing the various individuals, groups, governments, organizations and institutions – in our country and the world today.  I believe that eventually good will prevail and the need for a dichotomy of explanation will be unnecessary.  What is now fragmented and perceived as separate will be known as unified.  The understanding of the unity of all things will be the natural order.
  • 2012 is about who will be victorious in the battle for your heart and your spirit.  What will societies predominant world view be at the end of the year?  What will you choose for your world view at the end of the year?  How will you cope with the outcome of events?  Will the self-serving, polarizing, controlling, delusional, dark side world view predominate or the service to others, love of freedom, God worshiping, compassionate and truth seeking way of thinking and living prevail?
  • It has already begun and will continue in 2012 for conscious people everywhere to rely more and more on the wisdom of the heart and the awakening of one’s intuition in balance with the reason, common sense and clarity of the mind.  Knowledge and the perception of hidden truth and natural laws that has for so long been repressed and unavailable to most will continue to be discovered, understood, accepted and shared by many.  We must become the very things that we choose to experience in life – be transformed from within.  We become what we are surrounded with – what we truly desire.
  • As Blasé Pascal, the famous 17th century mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher and theologian stated, “There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.”  We long for the connection with the Divine, which unfortunately has for many centuries, been sought from external experience – it hasn’t worked.  In today’s culture many attempt to fill the vacuum with technology, entertainment, drugs, physical pleasure, reliance on fallen man and other external experiences.  The time has come for the true disciple to look inwardly for answers, connection and the Truth to fill the void.  Welcome to 2012!

Do you believe the Mayans?

1 comment to 2012 Reflections – Part 1

  • Bill

    Beautiful message. I wish more people would stop trying to create the future and realize there is only the here and now. Always respect people and always plan. Don’t project and don’t fear.