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The #1 Preparedness Question – What’s Your Scenario? (Why?)

By Denis Korn                                                                                                                                             

This is such an important question to answer when engaging in preparedness planning that I felt it necessary to examine it more carefully.  It is the first question in my 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning, listed under 12 Foundational Articles for Preparedness Planning (as you can see I like the number 12).

Before I proceed with this topic I want to share some insights on the current state of fears and concerns I hear people discussing.

It is no secret that the societal, financial and moral issues of our time are reeking havoc on the lives of most Americans. While at each election, the parties proclaim their election to be the most important of the era, what we currently are experiencing is that this statement is finally true.  Not that the outcome will necessarily change the fundamental problems underlying our society and its governance, but that the results will indicate how really difficult true transformation will be.  I am very passionate about my concerns for our country and the future for my children and grandchildren.  I have never seen such blatant in-your-face displays of revolt, rage and lying by those who are ignorant, self-serving and delusional (a strong word yet in my opinion accurate).

Our leadership, corporate ethics, cultural morality and attitude towards truth, human compassion and right action has been so corrupted and dishonored that it will take a Divine act to significantly transform us and set us on the right path.  Earnest prayer is essential!  Over the course of the next few months we will see how difficult it will be during the times that lie ahead, and as it relates to this blog site – how can we be prepared?

Steve Wynn, a very successful developer and casino operator, was asked for his assessment of the current business climate.  His answer included this statement, “…And I have to tell you, Jon, that every business guy I know in the country is frightened of Barack Obama and the way he thinks.”  This response mirrors my experience in talking with many small business owners, and is an exact duplication of the circumstances surrounding the 1980 election between Jimmy Carter, incumbent and Ronald Reagan, challenger.  The business climate was terrible (I was in the outdoor recreation and preparedness industry as a business owner at that time), and whatever one’s political viewpoint, the perception of a pro-business and competent President was critical in turning the decline around.  This is not a political blog, so I will not dwell on the politics. However, I can not turn my back on the obvious – too much is at stake.

The perception of the capability and aptitude of our leadership to instigate real change will have a dramatic effect on the course of events in the short term.  For the long term, the fundamentals must be transformed.

Let me be frank, I am a small business owner who has owned various businesses for 41 years, and if we don’t elect leadership who will instill confidence and trust and initiate real reform for We The People during these darkest of days – we’re screwed!


Here is the entire question #1 of the 12 Crucial Questions:


What are the circumstances or scenarios you have determined may exist that will require you to rely upon your preparedness supplies?

This is not only the most important and first question to answer, it is often the question most overlooked, or not considered critically enough.  While many people find it difficult to honestly assess potential uncomfortable and “fearful” possibilities, wasting time and resources on inadequate and ineffectual provisions can be detrimental to your health or possibly your life.  Don’t be caught up in slick advertisements, fraudulent claims or irrelevant personality endorsements.  I have seen them all – do your due diligence!

•  What will be the severity and impact of those circumstances on your life?

Now starts the process of being specific and increasingly focused.  Honesty is essential – this is no time for wishful thinking and denial.

•  Given your potential scenarios, how thoroughly have you researched the available options for food, water, medical, shelter, hygiene, and other categories of critical supplies?

An actual physical list is vital in answering this question.  Here you will begin to determine specific provisions you will need.  You will have a broader perspective of available items required for your scenarios.

•  Are you prepared for emergencies during all seasons of the year?

Depending on where you live, temperatures, rain, snow and other weather conditions can vary significantly.  Cold weather preparedness is especially important.  The anticipated duration of your scenario might require preparing for multiple seasons and conditions.

•  Is your family more susceptible to certain emergencies?

Depending on where you live or where you might need to relocate will determine unique potential issues.  Possible hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, tornadoes, fire, riots, loss of electricity, lack of water, lack of essential medications are just some events that might affect your preparedness planning

•  How would your scenarios impact you or your family’s daily routine?  Work or livelihood?

If you scenarios are relatively minor and isolated, then of course there will be a minimum of inconvenience.  If however, your scenarios are more impactful, severe, regional or nationwide and of longer duration, then you are looking at a significant disruption in routine and possibly a substantial lifestyle change.

•  How will you protect yourself and family against those who might do you harm?

Many folks don’t welcome the notion that a significant emergency or disaster will create a dangerous environment with animals, gangs or groups of ill-intentioned people who can inflict injury.  Where you live will determine the degree of concern.  Those who are responsible for their own welfare and the protection of their family will need to reflect on this question with seriousness.  Protection devices are numerous and diverse, consider the appropriate response for your anticipated scenarios.

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