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Katadyn Group Acquires the Assets of TyRy Inc. (AlpineAire & Gourmet Reserves)

By Denis Korn                                                                                                                                              

I want to congratulate the Katadyn Group in their excellent decision to acquire AlpineAire Foods and Gourmet Reserves.  Why am I excited about this new expansion of Katadyn – the leading producer of individual water purification systems in the world – and adding AlpineAire Foods and Gourmet Reserves to their exceptional line of products?

Since I founded AlpineAire Foods and Gourmet Reserves in 1979, I am grateful that they chose the company of my creation to be associated with the fine reputation of Katadyn products.

  • This acquisition will provide the necessary capital and expertise for a significant expansion of AlpineAire products, inventory and service.
  • Katadyn’s worldwide exposure and experience will boost AlpineAire and Gourmet Reserves’ reputation, branding and market share.
  • I and many others believe these products to be the best in their class, and am sure many new customers will discover this for themselves.
  • I hope to assist Katadyn in their efforts to educate and inform the public about the advantages and quality of AlpineAire Foods and Gourmet Reserves.

Below you will find two press releases announcing Katadyn’s acquisition.

From the Katadyn Group


Katadyn Group Acquires the Assets of TyRy Foods, Inc.

 MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (November 2, 2012) –  Katadyn North America Inc. (a US subsidiary of Katadyn Group) announced today that it has acquired the assets of TyRy, Inc. TyRy is a privately held producer of freeze-dried and dehydrated instant meals under the brands Natural High, Richmoor, AlpineAire Foods and Gourmet Reserves. In addition to their extensive product line, they also specialize in co-packing services for all dry food goods.

“Katadyn holds a strong leadership position in the water filtration category. The acquisition of TyRy’s brands builds upon that position and establishes us as a leading provider in water filtration, camp stoves and dehydrated and freeze-dried food,” said Shawn Hostetter, President of Katadyn North America.  “Katadyn already owns the leading brand of dehydrated food in Europe (Trek ‘n Eat).  We are proud to announce that the Katadyn Group will now offer dehydrated food in the USA.  Katadyn now offers everything outdoor enthusiasts require for their camp kitchen.”

“Having the TyRy brands join the Katadyn team will provide us with a broader value proposition. This is a highly complementary combination that will benefit our customers, retailers and our employees. We are excited about the opportunity to bring these brands together” said Chris Voxland, VP of Operations for Katadyn North America.

The food business will now operate under the name Katadyn North America Foods, LLC. The combined organization will continue to operate out of both facilities in Minneapolis and Sacramento. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

 About Katadyn Group

Katadyn is a leading producer of individual water purification systems for the outdoor, marine, military and relief markets.  Katadyn has produced quality water systems for over 80 years.  The Katadyn Group today includes leading outdoor brands “Trek ‘n Eat” (Europe), Optimus stoves, Katadyn marine desalinators and Katadyn’s complete line of water purification products. Headquartered near Zürich, Switzerland, Katadyn operates subsidiaries and sales offices in Germany, France, the U.S.A., Sweden, and Singapore as well as has manufacturing facilities in Romania and Austria. For further information, contact Tracy Parker at

–    END    –

SNEWS (outdoor industry news)

Katadyn N.A. acquires camping food brands
Natural High, Richmoor, AlpineAire
Posted: 11/02/2012 In Category(s): News & Features ::

Outdoor Headlines

Katadyn, well-known for its water filters, is adding food to its camp kitchen in North

The North American wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss brand announced Friday it is
acquiring the dehydrated and freeze-dried food brands Natural High, Richmoor, AlpineAire
and Gourmet Reserves from TyRy Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition will broaden Katadyn North American’s camp kitchen portfolio, also
including Optimus Stoves that it purchased in 2007.
“It completes the same product mix that we have in Europe,” said Shawn Hostetter,
president of Katadyn North America and the newly formed Katadyn North America Foods.
“Retailers and customers can now come to one source for their camp kitchen needs
including water filtration, stoves and accessories, and food.”

In Europe, Katadyn acquired Trek ‘n Eat foods in 2004, and has since been on the lookout
for a similar acquisition in North America, Hostetter said. Katadyn found that fit in TyRy
Foods, owned by Don Gearing, who brought together several well-known names in the
camping food industry over the years.

Gearing will remain with the company on a contract basis, and Katadyn North America
Foods will take over TyRy’s offices and manufacturing facilities in Rocklin, Calif., keeping
the location and its 35-40 employees. Hostetter said Katadyn will improve manufacturing
capabilities there, introducing Kaizen practices, a method of lean manufacturing best
known for its use in Japanese auto manufacturing.

TyRy recently moved to the new space in Rocklin, outside Sacramento, tripling its space to
40,000 square feet. Katadyn North America, based in Minneapolis, recently increased its
space by 30 percent to a new 20,000-square-foot location, where it employs 20 people.
And Katadyn’s global headquarters, in Zurich, Switzerland, recently tripled its size with a
new production facility. Worldwide, the Katadyn Group employs nearly 170 people,
including this latest acquisition.

All the growth is being spurred by increased demand, despite a slow economy. “When
times get tough, water filters and dehydrated foods sell really well,” Hostetter said.

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