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2012 – Intrigue – Deception – Hype – Hope – What else?

By Denis Korn

2012 - What was the truth?

Each year as I grow older – and hopefully wiser – I have a greater variety of experiences from which to draw while reflecting on the passing years. While my focus in sharing has been in the context of emergency preparedness for the unforeseen, I have realized that preparedness applies in all aspects of life.  You are encouraged to prepare for 2013 by reflecting on the course of our nation, being aware of events that can be impactful to your life and taking action to prepare for the storms ahead.


This year has been either a real “eye opener” or “eye closer” for all of us.  We can no longer be apathetic or indifferent to contemporary events.  We must choose who we are going to follow: the light or the darkness – the truth or the lie.  Here are my observations of 2012 – some harsh some encouraging – in no particular order:


  • Deception, fraud, propaganda and corruption – which have been an unfortunate aspect of our society for some time – are now so in your face and obvious that you have to be either blind or delusional not to see it and its devastating effects on our culture.
  • Lying and deceit is so prevalent as to be worse than an epidemic.
  • Concerned citizens are longing for leadership, government and institutions that can be trusted.
  • Mainstream media has lost all credibility and trust.
  • People are continually asking, “Where can I go to discover the truth and obtain reliable and accurate information?”
  • Our nation is more polarized than any time since the Civil War, and this is intentional!
  • We are a nation divided against itself.
  • Virtually the entire entertainment industry is so degenerate and self serving that its affect on our population – both the older and especially the younger generations – is devastating.
  • The media, movie and TV industries and opportunist publishing hype about the Mayan calendar, with the emphasis on the “end of the world” and its entire associated hoax, has only hurt the awareness for proper preparedness planning not helped it.
  • The preparedness industry – along the media and entertainment – has been infested with those selling, perpetrating and profiting on fear and doomsday.
  • After 37 years of commitment to providing quality emergency foods and honest and reliable information, the level of misinformation, blatant misrepresentation, mediocre quality and excessive hype of most of the newer manufacturers and distributors of so called “25 year shelf life” pouched emergency foods, is distressing and contemptible.
  • The internet, blogs, preparedness newsletters, books, expo’s and many of the newest instant preparedness “experts,” are misinformed, ignorant and have no idea of what they are taking about.  One must be discerning when researching reliable and accurate information.
  • People are reacting out of ignorance and anxiety, rather than using critical thinking skills and proper evaluation to make effective decisions.
  • The good news is that many have finally awoken to what is prudent and sensible.
  • Many conscientious and supportive groups are forming to network and assist one another in the event of disasters and emergencies.
  • It has become evident to most, except the welfare and dependent faction, that we must be self-reliant and not depend on the government for our safety and wellbeing.
  • There is a concerted effort led by those who align with the dark side to purge our country of God, religious morality and anything associated with religion at all. These are dangerous and devious people whose intentions can have devastating consequences for our nation.  We live in a country founded on freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.
  • The good news – there is an awakening among many to the value and necessity for a foundational moral ethic in contemporary culture.  Let us pray the pendulum swings to a society that embraces goodness, compassion, common sense, decency and integrity.
  • Many will not be able to cope and accept the transformation necessary for our culture to survive.
  • The power given to the United Nations and many of their corrupt members is becoming more and more of a threat to our sovereignty and positive way of life.
  • The constitution is under severe attack by those who desire to radically transform our country and its founding principals.  Communism and Marxism are alive and well at the highest levels of our government.  As an old bumper sticker I once had read, “The US Constitution – void where prohibited by law.”
  • There is a concerted effort by many to help establish sanity, honest dedication, the rule of law and the common good into our political system.  I hope that it is not too late.
  • Average Americans do more to assist and help others then any other people on earth.
  • The internet, smart phones and computers have done more to transform our society then anything else in modern times.  It is yet to be seen whether the positive results will outweigh the negative.
  • I am concerned on the way that our youth is coping with the stresses of contemporary life.  The methods of many – young and old – to escape the realities and challenges of daily life are extremely destructive.  Let us pray that more people will recognize the dangers of damaging behavior and seek peace and understanding.


As negative as so much that is occurring appears – let us focus on what we can do to develop a constructive and meaningful attitude and engage in behavior that empowers and encourages as many as possible.  Earnest and substantive positive transformation begins with ourselves, our family and our community.

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