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The 7 Essentials for Emergencies

By Denis Korn                                                                                                                            

Even though I have posted many articles addressing numerous essentials and recommendations for preparedness planning, I am often asked to reduce the many items to just the essential categories.  Here are the 7 vital factors in my assessment that must be considered during emergencies and disasters.  They are valuable for inclusion in presentations, articles, group discussions and teaching about preparedness especially to beginners.

I am including links to previous posts that will go into more detail for each of these 7 indispensable categories.

1 – Attitude

The proper attitude is foundational for survival and effectiveness during an emergency.  Not only for yourself, it is also crucial for those who are depending on you for support and leadership.  An effectual attitude is a choice – it may not always be easy – but it is necessary during challenging times.  Attitudes include one’s way of thinking, state of mind, emotions, beneficial world view, spiritual beliefs and reliance on God for direction, encouragement and hope.

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2 – Protection From the Elements

Emergencies occur in all seasons and in any physical circumstance.  Freezing cold, excessive heat and sun, insects, storms and predators – animal and human are just a few of the elements that affect survival, health and comfort during a disaster.  The proper clothing, footwear, shelter and protection are essential.

Checklist of Essentials

3 – Medical Necessities

If you are any family members take life sustaining medications or are required to have access to essential equipment, it is imperative to plan in advance to provide for these items for extended periods of time to cover the scenarios you anticipate occurring.  Besides life threatening needs, the proper first aid supplies and hygiene provisions are a necessity during an emergency – for all appropriate age groups.  It is unreasonable to expect medical personnel to always be available when a serious medical emergency happens.  Be prepared for a variety of medical crisis.

Checklist of Essentials

4 – Water

It is rather self-evident that your chances of survival after a few days without water are slim.  Taking the proper steps in providing yourself and family with water depends on what  scenarios you believe might be a reality and the physical circumstances you find yourself in.  Will you be stationary or will you have to be mobile?  Storing water, hand pumps for wells, purifiers, filters, desalinators (for salt water), distillers, equipment for boiling water, chemical tablets, foraging and exploring for local water sources, proper and adequate containers, and quick response to fill containers in the home when given notice are just some of the areas to study and evaluate.  In this category cheap and ineffective will not work.  Cover all the possibilities with plan A, B and C. You must do serious research to ensure your needs will be adequately satisfied.

The Essential Emergency Planning Guide for Food and Water

Checklist of Essentials

5 – Food

There are numerous options for properly providing for quality nutrition during an emergency.  Once again, you must be very clear as to the circumstances you anticipate will occur during the emergency for which you are provisioning.  Don’t forget food preparation equipment if appropriate.  How long will you be relying on your food reserves?  How will you prepare them?  How many will you feed?  What heat sources and equipment do you have?  Is the food you want to store survival only quality, or do you want to use it periodically at regular meals?  Do you want marginal quality foods filled with ingredients you wouldn’t want your family to eat normally, or are you willing to to store nutritious food provisions?  I have been in the shelf stable food industry for over 38 years, so this is an area I have written extensively about at this blog.  I encourage you to read some or all of the many articles related to food reserves.  Contact me if you have specific questions.  I love to talk directly with my readers and customers.

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6 – Appropriate Tools and Instruments

What are the scenarios that you are preparing for?  Each scenario requires its unique set of provisions and supplies.  There are hundreds of tool and instrument options available in stores and on the internet.  They range from fun and cool to essential and life saving.  My attached checklist lists numerous suggestions that should be appropriate for the circumstances you anticipate occurring.  Don’t forget navigation, firestarter, lighting, multitool, duct tape.

Checklist of Essentials

7 – Communication

During a disaster keeping informed of the situation and serious events, lifesaving updates and communication with family and other associates is vital to health and safety.  Besides am/fm/short wave radios, 2-way radios, cell phones, television, internet, ham radio and other communication devices, predetermined communication options must be in place with family and business.  This includes establishing assembly points, messaging procedures and potential third party connections.  For communication equipment don’t forget power supplies – hand crank, solar, back up batteries.

Checklist of Essentials

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Rely only on quality and reliable provisions and equipment for all the supplies in these crucial categories.  Provide for yourself and family as if your health and life depended on it! 



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