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Vigilance, Transformation and Triggering Events

By Denis Korn       vigilance3

The political, social, judicial and international events of the last few days are, in my opinion, unprecedented in my lifetime as to the long term implications for our country, society and culture.  And the implications are not for the betterment of our nation and civilization.  The future is now going to bring significant challenges, struggles, pain, and uncertainty – add to this the possibility of tyranny, suppression and persecution; with some commentators saying its the end of America as we know it, others saying it is the beginning of the end.  I hope it is the catalyst for a major upward shift in awareness, positive transformation and nonviolent revolution.

I am not going to get into detail concerning each event and their historic consequences, however for those reading this article in the future, including my children and grandchildren, this is a glimpse into these transformative times and suggestions on actions to take.  Here is a brief list of some of current significant rulings and events that are truly changing the course of our country and civilization.

  • Gay marriage is now the national law of the land – nullifying 6,000 years of accepted religious and cultural norms and blatantly contradicting the Bible.
  • Obamacare continues to be approved by the Supreme Court – the specific words of the act, or any law or act for that matter, do not mean what they state, words are relative and intention is presumed.
  • ID can not be required by any state for the purpose of voting – the flood gates are opened for illegal and fraudulent voting across the whole country.
  • The push for allowing illegal immigration and highly questionable immigration from Islamic countries is in full force by politicians and special interest groups and corporations – this will change the face and culture of our country forever.
  • The President, who has demonstrated his loathing and aversion for our country, now has “Fast Track” authority to determine and implement trade agreements without congressional oversight – our national sovereignty has been given away to a globalist control agenda.
  • In my state, the California legislature and Governor have instigated mandatory vaccinations for school children with no exemptions for religious or personal beliefs – parental rights are gone and we have forced injections of poisonous chemicals and compounds.
  • Special interest groups, organizations, banks, mainstream media, mainstream universities and corporations now control and dictate the course of human events – we the people have been neutered – politicians and educational leaders have been bought off and logic, reason, common sense are just obstacles to the agenda of societal control – we live in an era of persistent and all-encompassing lying, deception and manipulation of the population.
  • The Global Warming hysteria being forced upon an ignorant population will go down in history as one of the greatest deceptions and frauds ever promoted by the same politicians, groups and organizations mentioned above – opposition science and educated skeptics have been demonized, harassed and not allowed to present facts that contradict the Global Warming agenda.
  • There is religious persecution and discrimination worldwide, especially in the Middle-east, and growing in this country, against Christians and Jews – intolerance, especially by left-wing groups, colleges and individuals, is extraordinary and pervasive.
  • ISIS the ultra-radical and evil Islamic group in Syria and Iraq continues to grow, conquer, kill and persecute in the name of an Islamic caliphate – radical Islam worldwide is exerting a more and more irrational and immoral influence and attempting to initiate Sharia law – the President, media and the delusional among us have embraced this madness.
  • The President and the current administration is doing all they can during so called negotiations with Iran, to capitulate, appease and allow the Iranians to have nukes.
  • National and worldwide financial institutions and systems are on the brick of collapse and great transition – this will impact all of us in a very significant way – beware of global financial control in the hands of the few.
  • Events involving police using force has polarized different racial factions in our country, with riots, violent protests, race baiting agitators and agenda driven media creating a charged racial climate that could lead to continuing violence and division – paid operatives have been sent to selected cities to create an atmosphere of hatred and rebellion.
  • The President and many left-wing groups would like nothing more than to eliminate and abolish the second amendment and confiscate everyone’s weapons – every shooting incident sparks irrational justifications for assaulting the constitution – every totalitarian regime in modern history has made disarming the population an essential act.
  • Operation “Jade Helm 15” – an unprecedented military “training exercise” – is being conducted from July to September in the Southwest billed as a domestic urban terrorist training drill.  Enormous amounts of equipment have been sent to the region in what appears as a significant event.  It’s true purpose?

I realize the realities of our times can be depressing, frightening and incomprehensible.  It seems as if we are living in a government controls all science fiction movie about the Brave New World and 1984 future.  Here are two suggestions to evaluate and consider.

First, let these times move us to the security of spiritual faith and not reaction due to fear.  Pray, be encouraged and act effectively.  These times are an opportunity to earnestly assess where our trust truly abides, and an opportunity to develop the proper attitude and a God-Reliance.

Second, be vigilant and continually aware of the negativity, manipulation, indoctrination and deception being presented by the government and the media.  This vigilance should stimulate a fitting lifestyle and worldview and a call to action to create an appropriate preparedness plan.

It is also essential to be very cognizant and mindful of attempting a dialog with those who have been conditioned and indoctrinated into believing a deceitful, fallacious and counterfeit worldview.  Reason, logic, facts and the truth are ineffectual, irrelevant and counterproductive to the delusional and agenda driven ideologue.  I know these are strong words and I also believe these are serious times.  When a person’s innate instinct of self-preservation attaches to one’s ideology and opinion, then truth, common sense and reality are futile.

No wonder so many describe these times as a “zombie apocalypse.”  I pray for a great awakening for our country and the whole world!

This introduction leads me to emphasize and re-post once again, especially for those who have hesitated to carefully consider the need to develop a preparedness program, the idea of triggering events and actions that should be taken.  Awareness of triggering events is useful for everyone at all stages of their preparedness process.  Given the list of current events above, any number of scenarios are possible.  We live in turbulent and volatile times, and while we hope for best, we must be prepared for the worst.  I hope this post Vigilance, Transformation and Triggering Events has stimulated discussion and serious evaluation.

The important question for today is:  How many triggering events have just occurred in the last few weeks?



Here are the previous articles from 2013 and 2012

As more and more bizarre and disturbing worldwide incidents unfold before our eyes, the focus on a triggering event that will shake the complacent and apathetic into action becomes profoundly real!

As you reflect on the scenarios that you presume might – or might not – occur, think about the concept of a “triggering event.”  Ask yourself, “What are the triggering events that will motivate me to immediate action?” “What triggering event will launch the imminent arrival of the scenario I have presumed might occur or thought wouldn’t occur?” If you have created a list of triggering events, you will be on the look out for possible immediate action. – Share your insights with those who will listen, family, friends and co-workers.

Being able to discern reality from fantasy –  hopeful thinking from critical thinking – prudent planning from no planning – wise counsel from foolish counsel – the truth from the lie – a slick sales pitch from the facts – can be the difference between distress and peace of mind or even life and death during an unforeseen emergency.

You don’t have to believe in catastrophic events to be prepared.  Being prepared for the unexpected is simply a good idea.  Whatever your perspective, being aware of world events during these critical times and the their potential effect upon you and your family and friends is the responsible attitude to embrace.

It is time to be specific!  Whether an emergency can be short term and have only a minimal disruption in your daily routine, or catastrophic requiring a significant change in life style, apathy and ignorance will not be bliss.  While I’m not a prophet or psychic, I do have the discernment skills to realize that we live in very precarious and uncertain times.  Between acts of God or geophysical events and man-made devastating incidents, there are so many potential scenarios that could come to pass, that being continually vigilant is essential.

Based on the potential scenarios listed at the bottom of this post, here are some of my specific triggering events:

  • Declaration of an imminent weather event
  • A pattern of major and/or catastrophic weather events
  • Significant indication of, or actual occurrence of, a major physical event or multiple events
  • Prolonged drought leading to possible food and water shortages
  • Potential loss of job, income or bank accounts due to government or corporate actions
  • Serious personal illness
  • Substantial instability in national and global financial markets
  • The elimination of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency
  • Bank holiday’s
  • An indication of a major financial restructuring
  • Economic collapse
  • Shortages of critical foods, medications and provisions
  • Curious and strange activity of government officials, corporate executives and the very wealthy
  • Social unrest and civil disobedience leading to severe government and police action
  • Indications martial law will be declared
  • The suspension of the 1st and/or 2nd amendments – freedom of speech, religion, assembly, etc. and the right to bear arms
  • Strict control over the internet
  • Major cyber attack
  • Suspension of elections
  • Terrorist attack, act of war or preparation for war
  • Disruption of oil supplies
  • National medical or biological emergency – real or contrived
  • Activation of emergency presidential powers that will control everyone’s normal activities
  • An extraordinary governmental or media deception
  • Severe solar activity that could lead to CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejection) and major disruption of the electrical and communication grid
  • A profound and extraordinary religious, spiritual or cosmological event
  • Signs of an imminent pole shift or major geophysical event
  • An announcement by the government – widespread or to a confidential group – to relocate, leave coastal areas and to seek secure surroundings


Be encouraged – I hope none of these events or circumstances ever happen – And if they do God help us – as we help ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors!



Be Prepared to Be Prepared

Has anything occurred in your life or in the life of family, friends or community that would have been mitigated or eased if one was prepared ahead of time?

January 2012 post:  As timely today as it was then

2012 has arrived and with it a growing number of people believe serious physical, political and economic events could be occurring worldwide, it is once again essential to direct your attention to what I have identified as a “triggering event.”

Simply put, if you are still hesitating to prepare for emergencies or disasters, I urge you to identify and assign significance to a triggering  event that will finally motivate you to provide for yourself and family during a significant emergency.

I have written on this subject before – it is even more timely today than it was then.  Folks that have followed my posts know that I do not subscribe to the doom-and-gloom end-of-the world mindset.  One’s proper attitude regarding disaster planning is essential in maintaining the environment for critical thinking and effective results.  You are not only what you eat – you are what you think and what you focus your attention on.

Many folks are reluctant to plan ahead, or they assume that the government or others will take care of them, or they are just too busy, or they just don’t think it is necessary.  As an option to doing nothing or to enhance some other method of emergency preparedness planning you have chosen, consider the following.   As you reflect on the scenarios that you presume might – or might not – occur, think about the concept of a “triggering event.”  Ask yourself, “What are the triggering events that will motivate me to immediate action?” “What triggering event will launch the imminent arrival of the scenario I have presumed might occur or thought wouldn’t occur?” If you have created a list of triggering events, you will be on the look out for possible immediate action.  This is especially important if you have considered scenarios that will have a long term impact on the supply of goods and services that are required to sustain your basic needs.

If there are items that are essential to your well-being such as medical products, devices, children’s products, or special nutritional foods, then being alert to a potential disruption of vital needs is crucial. While it is always desirable to plan ahead and have provisions in place, it is better to react at the last minute than not at all.  Know exactly what you need, how much will be adequate, where you have to go to supply your needs, how you will get there, and how you will pay for your supplies.  Obviously some scenarios may offer some prior indications, such as hurricanes, storms, or economic/political issues; while others can occur without warning.  You are responsible – you must choose to act or not – unfortunately non action can have severe consequences for yourself and your family!

If you have been hesitant to act or even reflect about preparedness planning you are encouraged to seriously consider this post.


Acts of God Man Made Earth Changes
Local – Regional National National/Worldwide
Earthquake Government regulation/control Catastrophic Weather
Flood Martial Law Asteroid/Comet
Fire Food Shortages Pole Shift
Hurricane Societal Breakdown Solar Flare – CME – No grid
Storm/Ice/Snow Civil Disobedience/Riots Tribulation/Religious
Tornado Medical Emergency Severe Earth Changes
Drought Economic Emergency/Collapse
Power Outage Major Accident
Mud Slide Terrorism Attack
Tsunami Biological/Chemical/Radiological Attack
EMP – Electrical Magnetic Pulse Attack – No electrical grid
Job Loss War
Illness Cyber Attack – No internet
Financial Loss

Time Frames

3 Days to 2 Weeks

Minor to moderate inconvenience and disruption of the daily routine.  Basic supplies in the first 3 days would be valuable for comfort but not essential.  An adequate amount of basic supplies after 3 days are important.

3 Weeks to 2 Months

The inconvenience is very noticeable and the routine disruption can be significant.  Supplies required are usually on hand, and stockpiling some supplies will be very important.

3 Months to 6 Months

Preparedness planning is very important and a serious disruption to the daily routine is inevitable.  Mobility and location to wait out the emergency is important in your planning.  Proper supplies will be critical.  Medical and other special needs must be planned for in advance.

6 Months to 1 Year

Unless you are very prepared and are committed to self-reliance, in this time frame your lifestyle will definitely be impacted.  Serious attention to your preparedness planning is required.  The questions covered in the foundational articles must be answered and a realistic plan created.  Action and provisions are essential.  You will be dealing with serious issues during this time period, and you must be prepared.

1 Year or More

Scenarios actualized in this time frame are this most serious and catastrophic, and will require a serious commitment to lifestyle changes.  You will be dealing with national and worldwide calamity.  The extent of the impact on everyone’s life can not be over emphasized.  Significant and detailed planning is required, and even with this an emergency situation of this duration will be wrought with uncertainty.  This will be a time for community togetherness, sharing, and mutual support.  Skills not normally possessed by folks will be required.  Gardening and other self-reliant skills will be essential.  Books, tools, and other valuable resources will be vital.

4 comments to Vigilance, Transformation and Triggering Events

  • messenger

    Thanks, more than you can imagine, for these are the type of articles we need. A cut the chase get to the point, plus a time outline from a few days to a year. Compartmentalizing a time frame is critical, and gives one the opportunity to do critical thinking as to where we are on the prepping scale of survival short and long term. Again thanks.

  • Gail Wellington

    Yes, my brother in Christ, I believe we are here for a reason and that is to be the salt and light to all who do not know our LORD, and to contend for the faith until the end. We are not to love our life so much that it interferes with what we are called to do. I have only been preparing for one month and all it took was for a man to ask another man on a tv christian program, “Are we Babylon?” Not knowing what that referenced to, I set out a search to find out what the negative aspects of being called a city in the Old Testament would entail. I had to nail my pride, rights and liberty to the Cross for the message to get through. I’m now living in Hebrew 11:7 and asking the LORD’S direction in each step because without HIM I can do nothing. God have mercy on this nation and her rebellious state of affairs. I’ve enjoyed your articles, thank-you very much for sharing your ensights and knowledge.

  • This is a wonderful article. I’m glad that I stumbled across it.

    Your list of triggering events should be a massive wake up call for the entire world. There will not be trumpets blaring the end times, but small irreversible changes that make the tyrants more powerful and the population weaker.

    I have noticed that all of these things are just the latest in a long list of events that will lead to the demise of the world as we know it. If this is actually a coordinated plan by a person or people, then they are some of the smartest and most evil that the planet has ever seen.

    Thanks for writing this article. I could go on for hours ranting about the state of the world, but I wont. Instead I will thank you again and wish you good luck in the coming future.

    Justin Trovrt