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Spiritual Survival

By Denis Korn

Be guided by the Holy Spirit

Stuff is Important – Attitude is Essential – Spiritual Survival is Indispensable

Without the proper embodiment of Spiritual Survival – physical survival is incomplete and imperfect, and can be irrelevant.

I have written in a number of articles at this blog on the importance of an appropriate attitude and the necessity for a foundation of spiritual and biblical preparedness.  I want to once again present a perspective that will hopefully stimulate and encourage you to evaluate and reflect on your approach towards preparedness/survival and the motivations for your actions.

While I use a Christian assessment, the points raised are applicable to anyone.

Fear is a powerful motivating force.  For the prepper it can motivate one to be serious, conscientious and realistic, or it can mindlessly move one to react and be vulnerable to deception and manipulation.  Fear can educate and positively stimulate, or it can be a significant barrier to the critical thinking process.  (See Barriers to Critical Thinking – one of the most popular posts on this blog)

A great fear for the Christian is that one’s life decisions and actions that moves us to act are not GOD’S will but our will, and that this occurs most often sub-conscientiously or unconscientiously.  The Christian prays, believes and is often disappointed and disillusioned because prayers, visions and a word from GOD does not manifest.  They feel they have been obedient, however GODLY fulfillment is elusive.  So what does this mean?  It means that one can be confused, depressed or even lose faith and hope.  When in this state decisions are often unsuitable, and actions are often inappropriate.  It is a time to focus and be deeply prayerful towards Divine trust and great faith.  For the true believer the events of our life, as difficult as they may be, have a Divine purpose.  A reliance on our human will often requires an unconscientious identification with the instinct of self-preservation.  We believe our will is the only path to survival – we reinforce our idea of “self” we don’t as biblically instructed die to “self.”  We assert my will be done – not GOD’S will.

According to Proverbs 3:5,6 GOD will direct our paths towards His will when we trust Him with all our hearts, lean not on our own understanding and acknowledge Him in all ways.  As much as we desire the appropriate outcome, that path may not be what we want or will.  The prepper – the premillennialist – the person fixated on the rapture – the person immersed in an impending Divine judgement –  can be caught up in human will and not discern or even be able to seek Divine will.  Significant mistakes can be made with dire consequences.

I am well aware of the difficulty and struggle involved in understanding, expressing and putting into action the balance between reliance on God and reliance on ourselves – both are essential! This requires prayer, serious reflection, critical thinking and common sense – as does all aspects of effective emergency planning.

Questions for reflection

  • Do you possess effective discernment and critical thinking skills?
  • Is fear dictating your thoughts and actions? – Divine faith?  Or neither?
  • Do you earnestly and thoughtfully evaluate the decisions you make and actions you take?
  • Who do you trust?
  • How attached are you to your assumptions and conclusions?  Would you bet your life on them?
  • What is your attitude regarding Spiritual Survival?  Is prayer relevant in your life?
  • Who and what do you rely on for survival during a significant emergency?
  • Are your actions and preparations compatible with your attitude and assessments of potential emergencies and disasters?

May you be lead to seek wise counsel and prayerful action.




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