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About Denis Korn - Founder of Learn To Prepare & PrepareDirect

Denis Korn

Since 1975, Denis Korn has been a leader and innovator in the natural foods, outdoor recreation, and emergency preparedness industries. He has founded and developed companies involved in manufacturing, distributing, and retailing. In 1979 he founded AlpineAire Foods and in 1989 the Gourmet Reserves division. AlpineAire Foods, which specializes in shelf stable, dried food products and ingredients, has been a recognized leader in its industry, and continues to supply superior food products. Mr. Korn has assisted a large number of major expeditions and participants in world class record setting endurance competitions. He has created and marketed hundreds of different and highly regarded specialty food products, and is the author of The Essential Emergency Planning Guide for Food and Water. He sold AlpineAire in 1995, and then having developed Essentials 2000, Mr. Korn was intimately involved in the preparedness industry consulting, lecturing and providing a diversity of preparedness provisions during the challenging time of Y2K.

Mr. Korn is an acknowledged authority on food and water emergency planning and his knowledge of specialty foods, products and preparedness resources is extensive. He has given numerous presentations, and has conducted workshops at many conferences, trade shows, and has lectured to diverse organizations and audiences.

His experience in over 42 years of emergency planning for human resources, has enabled him to network with many other leaders and develop valuable perspectives and insights into this unique and important field. Mr. Korn was a past Board Member of Research & Development Associates, a non-profit trade association dedicated to coordinating research and development activities of food, food service, and packaging systems between the military, government agencies, academic institutions, and private industry.

Mr. Korn served as an artillery officer and company commander in the United States Army during the Viet Nam era. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University and a Master’s degree from Sacramento State University. In conjunction with his work in developing products and educational materials for contingency planning, he has studied extensively the philosophical, psychological, sociological, and biblical issues that parallel the emergency planning process.  He has taught Critical Thinking and Ethics at Sierra College, in Grass Valley California, as an adjunct professor of philosophy.

As creator and developer of PrepareDirect and Learn To Prepare, Mr. Korn is committed to sharing and presenting only information that has been carefully researched and/or obtained from direct experience. It is vital that information that is potentially life saving be reliable, accurate and dependable. PrepareDirect is an important source of specialty products for emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation, and self-reliance, and Learn To Prepare is devoted to essential information, guidance and reflection.

He continues his consulting work for those needing more in-depth information and insights into the development of an emergency planning program. He is currently working on a new publication, due out in 2017/2018, which will be an easy to use guide and workbook for the serious emergency planner with specific and detailed practical information that is essential for individuals, families, business and governmental agencies during varying emergency scenarios.