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Industry Report – March 2012

By Denis Korn

Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California

I attended the Natural Food Expo two weeks ago and I thought I might share some observations. In conjunction with the Expo – where I look for new offerings and connect with suppliers and manufacturers – I have been contacting other primary suppliers […]

My favorite grains & beans for food storage

By Denis Korn

I am often asked which grains and beans do I recommend for long term food storage? The ones I recommend I eat often and they taste great. I must admit I am prejudiced in my selection because I come from 35 years in the Natural Foods Industry. My list is short and […]

Basic & Traditional Food Commodities

This category includes dozens of varieties of grains, beans, legumes and seeds, and can be utilized in numerous forms such as; whole, cracked, flaked, instant, flour, pasta and sprouted.


Very economical- little cost for significant nutritional value. Easily obtainable. Stores well for long periods of time. Versatility of preparation options and diversity […]