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The 10 Commandments of Preparedness

By Denis Korn

Be prepared for taking action!

1. Thou shalt acknowledge oneself for being responsible

You have made a wise and sound decision and have chosen to take responsibility for you and your family, and to be prepared in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Be encouraged to continue this process with diligence, […]

Checklist of Essentials for Emergency & Outdoor Adventure Planning – Including Vehicle Preparedness – Updated & Expanded

By Denis Korn

The Ultimitate Preparedness List

This checklist should be a crucial assist in your emergency and outdoor discovery planning – study it carefully!

For most people planning for emergencies is similar to planning for a camping trip or any other outdoor adventure where the normal conveniences of home are not available. […]

Basic Items for Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Recreation

By Denis Korn

Celebrate Peace of Mind

This list will give you suggestions for the very basic items required for outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness survival; especially if you must be mobile and respond quickly. While this list covers most short term scenarios it is vital that you adjust these basics and […]

Beginning & Improving Preparedness Planning & Peace of Mind

By Denis Korn

If you are a newcomer to preparedness planning or have been engaged for some time, the information and suggestions contained in this article will certainly help you begin or add to your experience of confidence and peace of mind, and assist you with practical steps you can take.

The first step in […]

Food Shortages & Rising Prices?

Food – An Essential for Life

By Denis Korn

I have been following numerous articles lately that seem to portend serious issues concerning the food supply.

In the 35 years I have been a supplier, manufacturer and consultant in the emergency preparedness industry, I have not promoted the doom and gloom of preparedness. […]

Types & Sources of Foods for Emergency Planning Revisited

By Denis Korn

I want to list once again important information on foods for emergency and disaster planning.


There is an abundance of free, fresh and nutritious foods available in all areas and in all seasons. Obtain books about wild foods in you area. Go to nature classes and herb walks […]

Beginning & Improving Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

This post is so important and it was so popular when I wrote the original article and then did a blog post in March, that I am once again revisiting it as a new post. I am grateful for all the calls I get for more detailed one-on-one conversation with serious preparedness […]

Appliances & Equipment for Emergency Food Storage Preparation

By Denis Korn

Remember: The equipment you have assembled for emergency preparedness should match the scenarios, persons involved and time frames you have determined will affect your unique circumstances. Inappropriate and incomplete essential equipment for food preparation can significantly affect your emergency experience. Much of this equipment will be the same […]

My favorite grains & beans for food storage

By Denis Korn

I am often asked which grains and beans do I recommend for long term food storage? The ones I recommend I eat often and they taste great. I must admit I am prejudiced in my selection because I come from 35 years in the Natural Foods Industry. My list is short and […]

Food Storage Assortments - How adequate are they?

By Denis Korn

There is a food storage company who is currently advertising on many very popular web sites and talk radio shows whose readers and listeners are inclined to self-reliance and may be motivated to prepare because of disturbing current events. Add to this a plastic bucket of small food pouches, being sold at […]

Food Storage Packing - Do-it-yourself Facts & Myths

Do-it-yourself Foil Pouches

By Denis Korn

The purpose of this article is to present specific details and recommendations for packing your own shelf stable foods for food storage, including what works and what doesn’t in creating an oxygen free atmosphere for long term food storage, and the common misconceptions of how to do […]

Pre-packaged Food Storage Units

By Denis Korn

There are numerous companies that have chosen to offer dried foods already combined into units. Most of these units consist of large quantities of traditional grains and beans and dehydrated vegetables and sometimes stews and soups. Some companies have specialized in freeze-dried and “no cooking required” units with complete entrees, breakfasts, soups […]

30 Year Shelf Life for Food Storage?

By Denis Korn

30 Year Shelf Life for Food Storage? Where did this longevity figure come from?

I want to begin this article with a very brief explanation of my background and a little industry history so you will know where I am coming from concerning this subject. […]

Recommended Books

Preparedness knowledge brings peace of mind

I have listed over 200 books in 10 categories that can be very useful and perhaps life saving. These books represent a broad range of excellent information, guidance, ideas, and critical knowledge. When you click on a book that interests you, I recommend you follow the link […]

Types & Sources of foods in Emergency Planning


There is an abundance of free, fresh and nutritious foods available in all areas and in all seasons. Obtain books about wild foods in you area. Go to nature classes and herb walks that identify edibles in your area. Contact the local agricultural department in you area. Take classes given at […]

Oxygen Absorbers

Ageless oxygen absorber

I want to start this article by letting those reading it know that after significant research, it was I who introduced the use of oxygen absorbers into the emergency food and outdoor recreational foods industries in the early 1990’s while owner of AlpineAire Foods. I did it because it was […]

Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Defined

Definitions, advantages and disadvantages of both dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are covered in the post. […]