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Unique Gift Ideas From PrepareDirect

By Denis Korn

During these uncertain times giving the gift of Peace of Mind this holiday season – or any time – is a noble action. Here are suggestions from our product site PrepareDirect for your consideration.

All of these recommendations and unique gift ideas are personal favorites and are highly endorsed.


Essential Emergency Kit Information & Advice

By Denis Korn

This post – Essential Emergency Kit Information & Advice – is a valuable companion to the previous post Essential Checklist for Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Adventure Planning – Including Vehicle Preparedness – Latest Update. You are encouraged to share this post and its vital information with family, friends, business associates, church […]

Essential Checklist for Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Adventure Planning – Including Vehicle Preparedness – Latest Update

By Denis Korn

NOTE: The demand for the information given in this list has been significant – so I am posting it again with additional comments and items. I have decided to keep adding comments under selected items on a continuing basis – so you may want to periodically check back at this post […]

Barriers to Critical Thinking & The 7 Essential Questions for Reflection

By Denis Korn

I am sharing once again what has been one of the most read of all my posts – Barriers to Critical Thinking. It continues to be even more timely given the issues that we face as a country and as a civilization today. I re-post and update this article periodically and […]

Vital Preparedness Planning Questions

By Denis Korn

What Road Will You Choose to Take?

For those who have read many of my other posts you will discover that I very often use questions to stimulate and motivate reflection and action. In the preparedness process there are two distinct elements or phases – the research, evaluation, discussion, planning, […]

Why Are So Many Christians Being Called To Prepare?

By Denis Korn

The time is appropriate to share an article written prior to Y2K. The title was the original title – Today it could be expanded to ask: Why Are So Many People of Diverse Communities Being Called to Prepare? While this was written 13 years ago to a Christian audience, it is […]

What Are The Most Important Elements of Preparedness?

By Denis Korn

There is an extraordinary fixation in our current culture with all the trappings of physical survival – given the perception of imminent collapse, chaos and oppression. The degree of hysteria and response to this phenomena is unprecedented in the 39 years I have been in the preparedness industry, and I will soon […]

Beginning & Improving Preparedness Planning – Another Look

By Denis Korn

For the finest in preparedness products you are encouraged to visit PrepareDirect.

It is time once again to evaluate one of the Foundational Articles. I have presented here a simple and concise guide to the preparedness process. Your are encouraged to treat this information seriously – your life may depend upon […]

7 Things Every Reputable Food Reserve Company Needs to Tell You!

By Denis Korn

You must trust the company that provides you with the food you and your family will require during an emergency

I first wrote this article in 2012 and it is just as relevant today – if not more so – than it was then. I continue to be angered and saddened at […]

A Critical Evaluation of Foods for Emergency Preparedness

By Denis Korn

This month marks 39 years that I have been involved in various aspects of the emergency food industry. I have researched, sold, developed and manufactured foods for outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness. With emerging national and global concerns and a list of potential catastrophic scenarios unlike I have witnessed all these […]

The #1 Preparedness Question!

By Denis Korn

My last post listed the top 6 questions of preparedness planning. The #1 question is such an important question to answer when engaging in research, evaluation and planning that I felt it necessary to examine it more carefully. It is the first question in my 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning, […]

My Top 6 Crucial Questions for Effective Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

Proper preparedness ensures effective resiliency

I am continually asked by serious preppers, preparedness planners and managers, whether beginners or experienced, “What are the most important things I need to know in getting started or improving the preparedness process?” One of the most important articles I have written concerning this issue is The […]

A Comprehensive Primer on Long Term Food Storage

By Denis Korn

The language of food storage – defining and clarifying terms, product options and related information.

I am frequently asked, especially by newer preparedness planners, for a concise overview of food storage basics. I am thankful for many new readers that have found this blog in the last few […]

Crucial Questions & Essential Information About Grab-and-Go Bags & Vehicle Preparedness – Revisited

By Denis Korn

It was a year ago that I posted this article, and as we once again approach winter and the possibility of severe weather you are encouraged to be serious and take action regarding the information and questions in this article!

To properly assemble an effective grab-and-go bag you must basically determine […]

WARNING: Extreme Caution is Required Before Buying Emergency Foods

By Denis Korn

Who Do You Trust!

I need to again alert all those reading this article to be alert, cautious and on your guard when buying so-called long term pouched emergency foods! Tell your family, friends and associates about this post. I have written extensively about the deception and misinformation being delivered […]

Is the Entire Family Secure and Responsible in an Emergency?

By Denis Korn

Is your entire family prepared for emergencies at all times?

Recent events has bought us catastrophic circumstances that have had devastating and lasting effects on thousands of people around the world. I pray that you take this advice seriously.

Recent conversations have motivated me to post once again this important article.

I […]

Long Term Food Storage – A Comprehensive Primer

By Denis Korn

The language of food storage – defining and clarifying terms, product options and related information.

As the awareness and motivation to store food provisions for extended periods of time grows with every alarming headline, I have been asked to once again post one of the important 12 Foundational […]

A Triggering Event – What could it Possibly Be?

By Denis Korn

These times require being alert and awake! “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” ~ John Curran

As more and more bizarre and disturbing worldwide incidents unfold before our eyes, the focus on a triggering event that will shake the complacent and apathetic into action becomes […]

Facts & Myths About Do-It-Yourself Long Term Dry Food Packing

By Denis Korn

Do-it-yourself packing

This updated article that was written earlier and linked at various places on this blog, has created a great deal of interest. It has become even more important as the economy has stimulated preparedness planners to be as cost effective as possible and pack-their-own. Another reason for revisiting this article […]

WHEATGRASS – Prevent Illness and Improve Health

By Denis Korn

With so many people storing wheat for emergency preparedness it is important to incorporate wheatgrass juice as one of the options for utilizing one’s stored wheat. If it becomes necessary to subsist on shelf stable commodities, a fresh source of enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be essential for health. I strongly […]