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Denis Korn

Denis Korn is available for consulting, workshops, presentations, and coaching.  His specially is emergency preparedness for people resources.  For 40 years Mr. Korn has been involved in the natural foods, preparedness, and outdoor recreation industries as an innovator in retailing and manufacturing.  For more information about Mr. Korn click here or go to the About Us tab at the top of the page.

For consulting services and coaching Mr. Korn is available anywhere he is needed.  Often a company or organization has its management work directly with Mr. Korn, so that they may distribute information, materials, and suggestions personally to their employees at appropriate venues and times convenient to the organization.  If a presentation or workshop for a group of employees or staff  is desired this also can be arranged.

For workshops,  presentations, and teleconferences Mr. Korn has a number of formats and topics available.  Also, depending upon the details desired and depth of discussion required, any length of time or number of sessions can be arranged.  Presentations are not just information overload lectures, they utilize participant interaction, discussion, and practical exercises.  Materials are always handed out to facilitate easy learning.  Workshops resemble a seminar format encouraging participation and interaction between all participants.

While most consulting, workshops, and presentations cover a wide range of general information, it is possible to devote a presentation to specific issues like food and water preparedness, getting started, or do-it-yourself food packing.  This can be of significant value if participants desire a focused topic.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the questions and topics covered in the “15 Foundational Articles on Preparedness Planning” – these articles are listed on the right side column of the page.  The information covered in these articles form the basis of most of Mr. Korn’s discourse and discussion concerning emergency preparedness planning.  Areas of emphasis and in-depth analysis you wish to focus on can most often be determined from these articles.

Mr. Korn welcomes individuals, companies, organizations – profit and non-profit, government agencies, service organizations, schools, and churches and temples.  Contact Mr. Korn directly for terms and fee structure relating to consulting, workshops, presentations, and teleconferences.  See Contact Us.