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The 10 Commandments of Effective Preparedness Planning

I am once again posting this popular article. Responsible and effective preparedness planning is never out of date. […]

Are These Really the End Times?

By Denis Korn

Are we at the End or the Beginning – or somewhere in-between?

I realize that some of this material may be a bit “academic” and some of the terminologies may be unfamiliar. However, there is much here for serious reflection and study. This post relates to preparedness by pointing out […]

Critical Thinking for Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

Seriously reflect on this post!

Having taught college philosophy courses in Critical Thinking, I am aware of the evaluation process most folks use in researching various subjects. I teach students to consider the three “E’s” in their practice: Evaluate – Embrace – Embody. Evaluation is earnest and appropriate research with […]

Evacuate Now – Essential Guidelines

By Denis Korn

Important November 2018 update.

This post, Evacuate Now – Essential Guidelines, is one of the most important posts I have written.

I am posting it again in light of the devastating fires that have occurred here in Northern California last year and this year. This year’s fire, which occurred just a couple […]

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – Revisited

Since we live in a season of unprecedented deceit, corruption and confusion, and we cry out and pray for serious help in discerning the times, I am once again posting my article on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. […]

Honesty – The Cornerstone of Preparedness and the 6 Essential Questions

By Denis Korn

You are encouraged to visit our product website, PrepareDirect, featuring the finest in emergency preparedness and outdoor adventure products.

It is time once again to call attention to a previous post regarding a most essential factor in preparing for emergencies or disasters – HONESTY! This subject is not to be overlooked […]

The Times Require Critical Thinking Skills

Are there enough people left in our society and culture that developing essential critical thinking skills will make a difference? Are forces behind the scene so in control that whatever the outcome of this election – if it is held – that they are now in a position to manipulate events and fulfill their agenda? […]

Tipping Points and Triggering Events for Action

A simple way to begin a dialog is to develop a list of tipping points and triggering events that might occur that will encourage your dissenting friends and relatives into action. […]

End Times Perspectives – Eschatology – Premillennialism – Apocalypticism

Contemporary events have stimulated a great deal of speculation as to where our culture is in the context of history and prophesy. […]

The Essential Elements of Preparedness

It is my belief that the most essential and foundational elements of preparedness are attitude, critical thinking, knowledge, trust in God, appropriate emotion and spiritual awareness. […]

30 Essential Food Reserve Questions for Yourself and Your Sources

I am once again motivated to stimulate the due diligence and research I feel that is necessary for my readers so they may be adequately prepared. […]

Critical Thinking is Not Conducted in a Vacuum

I consider this to be one of the most important posts I have made, because of the seriousness condition of the current state of our nation. While I believe that developing critical thinking skills is essential in all aspects of our life, it is especially important when you are evaluating and determining sources and provisions for emergency and disaster preparedness. […]

Encouragement – Essential For Endurance

By Denis Korn

As we enter the holiday season of 2015 I want to once again offer some observations and most of all encouragement to all those who have been led to this article. I am updating some points I made last year at this time and of course my holiday gift is the gift […]

12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

Of the 15 Foundational Articles on the right hand column of this blog, I believe this to be the primary foundational article required for effective and thorough preparedness planning.

It is featured this month for those who may not be familiar with these essential questions, or who need to be […]

The Idolatry of Self-Reliance

By Denis Korn

While the title of this article The Idolatry of Self-Reliance may seem counter-intuitive and paradoxical, since I am in an educator for emergency and disaster preparedness and survival, I am confident that by the time you finish reading you will understand what I am professing. You are encouraged to read the […]

Reflections, Goals and Encouragement for 2015

By Denis Korn

The year of 2015 will be an important year for me in initiating and fulfilling goals and projects that I believe will be crucial given the current state of cultural, economic and political decay prevalent in contemporary society. This post will offer reflections, plans and end with an updated encouragement I post […]

Barriers to Critical Thinking & The 7 Essential Questions for Reflection

By Denis Korn

I am sharing once again what has been one of the most read of all my posts – Barriers to Critical Thinking. It continues to be even more timely given the issues that we face as a country and as a civilization today. I re-post and update this article periodically and […]

Vital Preparedness Planning Questions

By Denis Korn

What Road Will You Choose to Take?

For those who have read many of my other posts you will discover that I very often use questions to stimulate and motivate reflection and action. In the preparedness process there are two distinct elements or phases – the research, evaluation, discussion, planning, […]

What Are The Most Important Elements of Preparedness?

By Denis Korn

There is an extraordinary fixation in our current culture with all the trappings of physical survival – given the perception of imminent collapse, chaos and oppression. The degree of hysteria and response to this phenomena is unprecedented in the 39 years I have been in the preparedness industry, and I will soon […]

The #1 Preparedness Question!

By Denis Korn

My last post listed the top 6 questions of preparedness planning. The #1 question is such an important question to answer when engaging in research, evaluation and planning that I felt it necessary to examine it more carefully. It is the first question in my 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning, […]