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WARNING: Extreme Caution is Required Before Buying Emergency Foods

By Denis Korn

Who Do You Trust!

I need to again alert all those reading this article to be alert, cautious and on your guard when buying so-called long term pouched emergency foods! Tell your family, friends and associates about this post. I have written extensively about the deception and misinformation being delivered by […]

A Triggering Event – What could it Possibly Be?

By Denis Korn

These times require being alert and awake! “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” ~ John Curran

As more and more bizarre and disturbing worldwide incidents unfold before our eyes, the focus on a triggering event that will shake the complacent and apathetic into action becomes […]

WHEATGRASS – Prevent Illness and Improve Health

By Denis Korn

With so many people storing wheat for emergency preparedness it is important to incorporate wheatgrass juice as one of the options for utilizing one’s stored wheat. If it becomes necessary to subsist on shelf stable commodities, a fresh source of enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be essential for health. I strongly […]

The 7 Essentials for Emergencies

By Denis Korn

Even though I have posted many articles addressing numerous essentials and recommendations for preparedness planning, I am often asked to reduce the many items to just the essential categories. Here are the 7 vital factors in my assessment that must be considered during emergencies and disasters. They are valuable for inclusion […]

Why Are So Many Christians Being Called to Prepare

By Denis Korn

What’s your calling?

The time is appropriate once again (this was last posted at Learn To Prepare in Jan. 2012) to share an article written prior to Y2K. The title was the original title – Today it could be expanded to ask: Why Are So Many People of Diverse Communities Being Called […]

How Serious Must an Event Be Before You Act? – The Trigger!

By Denis Korn

Be Prepared to Be Prepared

A growing number of people believe serious physical, political and economic events are occurring worldwide, it is once again essential to direct your attention to what I have identified as a “triggering event.”

Simply put, if you are still hesitating to prepare for emergencies or disasters, I […]

10 Foundational Elements of Preparedness Planning and Resiliency

By Denis Korn

1 – Attitude

The importance of a proper and confident attitude is essential and key to not only planning for an emergency, but also surviving an emergency. The right attitude is the foundation of the preparedness process. The 3 aspects of an appropriate attitude include: the pragmatic and realistic; the emotions […]

What is Required to REALLY be Prepared?

By Denis Korn

I want to revisit a theme that I focused upon 3 posts ago, Are you Spiritually and Emotionally Prepared? Here is the last paragraph of that post:

“To believe that being prepared is just a matter of having all the right provisions safely stored away, a library of books, hundreds of […]

The #1 Preparedness Question – What’s Your Scenario? (Why?)

By Denis Korn

This is such an important question to answer when engaging in preparedness planning that I felt it necessary to examine it more carefully. It is the first question in my 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning, listed under 12 Foundational Articles for Preparedness Planning (as you can see I like the […]

Report: Supplier Survey & Trend Analysis of Preparedness and Resiliency Provisions

By Denis Korn

Here is my perspective on current trends relating to food products for shelf stable food reserves and resiliency provisions in general.

In the 37 years I have been in the natural foods, outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness industries as a retailer and manufacturer, I have experienced a number of fluctuations and […]

Here is my List of Triggering Events – What’s Yours?

By Denis Korn

In January of 2012 I posted the article below. Here is the segment of that article I want to focus upon in this updated post: As you reflect on the scenarios that you presume might – or might not – occur, think about the concept of a “triggering event.” Ask yourself, […]

The Top 6 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning & Resiliency

By Denis Korn

Proper preparedness ensures effective resiliency

I am continually asked by serious preppers, preparedness planners and managers, whether beginners or experienced, “What are the most important things I need to know in getting started or improving the preparedness process?” One of the most important articles I have written concerning this issue is […]

HONESTY – The Cornerstone of Effective & Truthful Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

You are encouraged to visit our product website, PrepareDirect, featuring the finest in emergency preparedness and outdoor adventure products.

It is time once again to call attention to a previous post regarding a most essential factor in preparing for emergencies or disasters – HONESTY! This subject is not to be overlooked […]

Why Are So Many Christians Being Called to Prepare?

By Denis Korn

What's your calling?

The time is appropriate to share an article written prior to Y2K. The title was the original title – Today it could be expanded to ask: Why Are So Many People of Diverse Communities Being Called to Prepare? While this was written 13 years ago to a Christian […]

The “What Disappears First” Preparedness Game

By Denis Korn

What's first!

Here is a valuable exercise or game for the whole family – or office. Using the Checklist of Essentials as a guide, determine the items that would be bought up first, disappear or be unavailable in your community during a short term emergency – 3 to 14 days.

Then […]

Food Storage Packing – Do-it-yourself Facts & Myths – Revisited

By Denis Korn

Do-it-yourself packing

This article that was written last year and linked at various places on this blog, has created a great deal of interest. It has become even more important as the economy has stimulated preparedness planners to be as cost effective as possible and pack-their-own. Another reason for revisiting this […]

The 10 Commandments of Preparedness

By Denis Korn

Be prepared for taking action!

1. Thou shalt acknowledge oneself for being responsible

You have made a wise and sound decision and have chosen to take responsibility for you and your family, and to be prepared in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Be encouraged to continue this process with diligence, motivation, […]

Are You Being Deceived? Trust – Confusion – Critical Thinking

By Denis Korn

Can you discern the truth from the lie?

“There is SO much confusing information out there on the web. One does not know what & who to trust anymore?”

This was the opening sentence of an email I recently received from Michael – a gentleman who is a MD and […]

Why I recommend AlpineAire Foods

By Denis Korn

Headquarters of AlpineAire Foods & Gourmet Reserves

At a time of considerable concern about the effects of current events and numerous potential catastrophic scenarios, many folks have been investing in shelf stable foods. I have written numerous posts at this blog on preparedness planning with an emphasis on food issues. Why […]

Honesty – The Cornerstone of Effective Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn –

You are encouraged to visit our product website, PrepareDirect, featuring the finest in emergency preparedness.

I have written a great deal on preparedness planning on this blog. I have given both general and specific information on the preparedness process – tips – guidelines – action steps – and numerous crucial […]