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Food Shortages & Rising Prices?

Food – An Essential for Life

By Denis Korn

I have been following numerous articles lately that seem to portend serious issues concerning the food supply.

In the 35 years I have been a supplier, manufacturer and consultant in the emergency preparedness industry, I have not promoted the doom and gloom of preparedness. […]

Basic Essentials for Adventure and Preparedness

Celebrate Peace of Mind

By Denis Korn

This list will give you suggestions for the very basic items required for outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness survival; especially if you must be mobile and respond quickly. While this list covers most short term scenarios it is vital that you adjust these basics and perhaps […]

Gourmet Reserves

In 1989 the food reserves division of AlpineAire Foods was developed and introduced to address the growing need for high quality, convenient, familiar, and real shelf stable food products. Gourmet Reserves was created to meet the needs of individuals or organizations that desire to be self-sufficient during a situation where normal food supplies are not […]


An essential question that must be thoughtfully answered is; what length of time am I preparing for? 3 days? 2 weeks? One month? 3 months? Or more? Each time frame will require different food and water products. As you study your options and choices, time will be one of the most difficult conclusions to […]

Quality medical kits

There are numerous medical kits available to the public for use in emergencies and for outdoor adventure. This is a critical item for everyone to have in their provisions. I can not emphasize enough to not be cheap in this category of preparedness planning. You need to prepare for your worst potential scenario with more […]