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Katadyn Group Acquires the Assets of TyRy Inc. (AlpineAire & Gourmet Reserves)

By Denis Korn

I want to congratulate the Katadyn Group in their excellent decision to acquire AlpineAire Foods and Gourmet Reserves. Why am I excited about this new expansion of Katadyn – the leading producer of individual water purification systems in the world – and adding AlpineAire Foods and Gourmet Reserves to their exceptional […]

Why I recommend AlpineAire Foods

By Denis Korn

Headquarters of AlpineAire Foods & Gourmet Reserves

At a time of considerable concern about the effects of current events and numerous potential catastrophic scenarios, many folks have been investing in shelf stable foods. I have written numerous posts at this blog on preparedness planning with an emphasis on food issues. […]

What’s Happening in the Preparedness Industry? An Update

By Denis Korn

This is the time to get serious about preparedness!

What’s happening in the Emergency Preparedness industry during these critical and uncertain times?

Availability and Lead Times

National and international events have stimulated many to take emergency preparedness seriously. This has created a significant demand for certain preparedness products such […]

Pre-packaged Food Storage Units

By Denis Korn

There are numerous companies that have chosen to offer dried foods already combined into units. Most of these units consist of large quantities of traditional grains and beans and dehydrated vegetables and sometimes stews and soups. Some companies have specialized in freeze-dried and “no cooking required” units with complete entrees, breakfasts, soups […]

30 Year Shelf Life for Food Storage?

By Denis Korn

30 Year Shelf Life for Food Storage? Where did this longevity figure come from?

I want to begin this article with a very brief explanation of my background and a little industry history so you will know where I am coming from concerning this subject. […]

Expert Advice

At PrepareDirect our goal is to insure that our customers have purchased the best possible products for their needs and concerns. To help in this process we offer expert advice and counseling on emergency preparedness and food reserves planning. It is essential that our customers have reliable and trustworthy information and insights in which to […]

Gourmet Reserves

In 1989 the food reserves division of AlpineAire Foods was developed and introduced to address the growing need for high quality, convenient, familiar, and real shelf stable food products. Gourmet Reserves was created to meet the needs of individuals or organizations that desire to be self-sufficient during a situation where normal food supplies are not […]

About Denis Korn - Founder of Learn To Prepare & PrepareDirect

Denis Korn

Since 1975, Denis Korn has been a leader and innovator in the natural foods, outdoor recreation, and emergency preparedness industries. He has founded and developed companies involved in manufacturing, distributing, and retailing. In 1979 he founded AlpineAire Foods and in 1989 the Gourmet Reserves division. AlpineAire Foods, which specializes in shelf […]

AlpineAire Foods

AlpineAire Foods (current parent company Tyry, Inc.), has been a pioneer in the outdoor recreation and preparedness marketplace since 1975. These unique foods were first sold locally, in San Diego California, and then made available nationwide in 1979. AlpineAire is committed to providing outdoor adventurers and emergency planners with exceptional quality […]