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Attitude An Essential Element

Yes – attitude is a decision – your attitude during a traumatic event or disaster is essential for survival – attitude is everything. So what does this mean, especially during an emergency, disaster, or catastrophic event? […]

Aliveness as an Essential Attitude

I want to take this opportunity to share some thoughts and insights on the value of ALIVENESS. Evaluate – embrace – and embody the actions and attitudes that awaken in us the exhilaration of ALIVENESS. […]

A Gift of Encouragement

We live in stressful and transformative times – seek encouragement! […]

Are You ALIVE?

By Denis Korn

ALIVENESS is a noun – the state of being ALIVE. Here are 2 of the definitions of ALIVE from the Encarta Dictionary, on-line: (adjective)

4. full of life

Full of energy and vigor, and with a zest for and interest in life.

5. animated

Active or animated, especially full of busy […]

2012 Reflections – Part 1

By Denis Korn

2012 – Choose your attitude

In Part 1, I wish to share some observations and reflections about 2012 – a much anticipated year that many believe will usher in a myriad of diverse events – both positive and negative, catastrophes, opportunities, and profound transformation.

Then, in Part 2, […]

Preparedness and The Meaning of Life

A reflection by Denis Korn

A recent discussion with a friend stimulated me into thinking once again about one of Mankind’s most enduring and fundamental questions – What is the meaning of life? Thousands of books, articles and posts have been devoted to this greatest of questions.

So what does this vital issue have to […]