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Essential Evacuation Information

With the potential of devastating emergencies occurring this season, I once again post this updated article of essential evacuation information. […]

Essential Checklist for Emergency & Outdoor Adventure Planning – Including Vehicle Preparedness

By Denis Korn

The Ultimate Preparedness List

This checklist should be a crucial assist in your emergency and outdoor discovery planning – study it carefully!



The Preparedness Metaphor - An Image of Preparedness Planning

How are you building your Preparedness Plan?

By Denis Korn

I have always liked metaphors and imagery in making a point or in conveying a message. So for those of you who also like illustrations, allusions and visualizations, here is my architectural metaphor for the emergency or disaster preparedness planning process.

I believe […]

Appliances & Equipment for Emergency Food Storage Preparation

By Denis Korn

Remember: The equipment you have assembled for emergency preparedness should match the scenarios, persons involved and time frames you have determined will affect your unique circumstances. Inappropriate and incomplete essential equipment for food preparation can significantly affect your emergency experience. Much of this equipment will be the same […]

Food Storage Assortments - How adequate are they?

By Denis Korn

There is a food storage company who is currently advertising on many very popular web sites and talk radio shows whose readers and listeners are inclined to self-reliance and may be motivated to prepare because of disturbing current events. Add to this a plastic bucket of small food pouches, being sold at […]

Welcome to Peace of Mind

We realize that many of our readers are taking practical steps in preparedness and contingency planning and are providing for themselves or for their families the provisions appropriate for unforeseen circumstances. We support and commend the motivated and forward looking preparedness advocate.

It may be difficult for us to acknowledge that a natural, political, or […]