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Review of Action Steps for Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

The following summary of actions steps is an excerpt from the important article Beginning and Improving Preparedness Planning. You are highly encouraged to read the entire article. It was written for the preparedness planner at any stage of their preparedness process. If you have any questions leave a post or contact us […]

The Preparedness Metaphor - An Image of Preparedness Planning

How are you building your Preparedness Plan?

By Denis Korn

I have always liked metaphors and imagery in making a point or in conveying a message. So for those of you who also like illustrations, allusions and visualizations, here is my architectural metaphor for the emergency or disaster preparedness planning process.

I believe […]

This is a new day!

Today is the beginning of an important chapter in the book of PrepareDirect and Learn To Prepare as the blog adventure has begun.