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The #1 Preparedness Question – What’s Your Scenario? (Why?)

By Denis Korn

This is such an important question to answer when engaging in preparedness planning that I felt it necessary to examine it more carefully. It is the first question in my 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning, listed under 12 Foundational Articles for Preparedness Planning (as you can see I like the […]

Report: Supplier Survey & Trend Analysis of Preparedness and Resiliency Provisions

By Denis Korn

Here is my perspective on current trends relating to food products for shelf stable food reserves and resiliency provisions in general.

In the 37 years I have been in the natural foods, outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness industries as a retailer and manufacturer, I have experienced a number of fluctuations and […]

The 12 Foundational Articles for Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

You must build on a strong foundation of knowledge!

After careful consideration, I have added 5 previously written articles to my Foundations category. Serious reflection on these articles will be of vital importance in developing an enduring foundation for proper and effective preparedness planning and action. Be diligent and honest […]

Preparedness Planning – A Metaphor

By Denis Korn

Will your Preparedness Plan be as solid as this structure?

I have always liked metaphors and imagery in making a point or in conveying a message. So for those of you who also like illustrations, allusions and visualizations, here is my architectural metaphor for the emergency or disaster preparedness planning […]

Checklist of Essentials for Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Adventure Planning Including Vehicle Preparedness – Updated & Expanded

By Denis Korn

NOTE: The demand for the information given in this list has been significant – so I am posting it again with additional comments and items. I have decided to keep adding comments under selected items on a continuing basis – so you may want to periodically check back at this post […]

Fraud Exposed Regarding Preparedness Food Company Wise Foods by Oregon Freeze Dry

By Denis Korn

Things aren't always what they are advertised to be!

I want to commend Oregon Freeze Dry for exposing the misrepresentations and erroneous claims that have been alleged by Wise Foods for some time. Those of us who have been manufacturers of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods for over 30 years (I […]

The Top 6 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning & Resiliency

By Denis Korn

Proper preparedness ensures effective resiliency

I am continually asked by serious preppers, preparedness planners and managers, whether beginners or experienced, “What are the most important things I need to know in getting started or improving the preparedness process?” One of the most important articles I have written concerning this issue […]

7 Things Every Reputable Food Reserve Company Needs to Tell You

By Denis Korn

You must trust the company that provides you with the food you and your family will require during an emergency

I have written a number of articles dealing with trust, honesty, reflections, guidelines, questions to ask and recommendations concerning the purchasing of food reserve products. While the food you rely […]

Industry Report – March 2012

By Denis Korn

Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California

I attended the Natural Food Expo two weeks ago and I thought I might share some observations. In conjunction with the Expo – where I look for new offerings and connect with suppliers and manufacturers – I have been contacting other primary suppliers […]

2012 Reflections – Part 1

By Denis Korn

2012 – Choose your attitude

In Part 1, I wish to share some observations and reflections about 2012 – a much anticipated year that many believe will usher in a myriad of diverse events – both positive and negative, catastrophes, opportunities, and profound transformation.

Then, in Part 2, […]

What is Your Triggering Event?

By Denis Korn

Be Prepared to Be Prepared

2012 has arrived and with it a growing number of people believe serious physical, political and economic events could be occurring worldwide, it is once again essential to direct your attention to what I have identified as a “triggering event.” (Stay tuned, as a student […]

A Preparedness Metaphor – Building An Image of Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn

How are you building your preparedness planning structure? Will it be strong and endure – or weak and collapse when you need it most?

Last year when this post first appeared I realized from many conversations with new preparedness planners that the development process was haphazard and unfamiliar. Creating a […]

The 10 Commandments of Preparedness

By Denis Korn

Be prepared for taking action!

1. Thou shalt acknowledge oneself for being responsible

You have made a wise and sound decision and have chosen to take responsibility for you and your family, and to be prepared in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Be encouraged to continue this process with diligence, […]

Are You Being Deceived? Trust – Confusion – Critical Thinking

By Denis Korn

Can you discern the truth from the lie?

“There is SO much confusing information out there on the web. One does not know what & who to trust anymore?”

This was the opening sentence of an email I recently received from Michael – a gentleman who is a MD […]

Honesty – The Cornerstone of Effective Preparedness Planning

By Denis Korn –

You are encouraged to visit our product website, PrepareDirect, featuring the finest in emergency preparedness.

I have written a great deal on preparedness planning on this blog. I have given both general and specific information on the preparedness process – tips – guidelines – action steps – and numerous crucial […]

About Oxygen Absorbers – Revisited

By Denis Korn

Interest in the use of oxygen absorbers for those who pack their own food storage has been extremely high since I wrote the following post in February that introduced my detailed article Using and About Oxygen Absorbers. The post highlighted the beginning of my article with an appropriate link to the whole […]

Barriers to Critical Thinking

By Denis Korn

I have decided to post this article on the barriers to critical thinking, which I use in teaching, as the 3rd in a series of posts dealing with the psychological, emotional and spiritual components of emergency and disaster preparedness planning.

Normalcy Bias – Why People are attached to Inaction


The Emotional and Spiritual Components of Preparedness

Our emotions effect our perceptions

By Denis Korn

For many the foundation

In my last post I talked about Normalcy Bias – the mental state by which people cling to perceptions that are familiar and comfortable – and because of this state they can be in denial of the reality of […]

Essential Checklist for Emergency & Outdoor Adventure Planning – Including Vehicle Preparedness

By Denis Korn

The Ultimate Preparedness List

This checklist should be a crucial assist in your emergency and outdoor discovery planning – study it carefully!



Checklist of Essentials for Emergency & Outdoor Adventure Planning – Including Vehicle Preparedness – Updated & Expanded

By Denis Korn

The Ultimitate Preparedness List

This checklist should be a crucial assist in your emergency and outdoor discovery planning – study it carefully!

For most people planning for emergencies is similar to planning for a camping trip or any other outdoor adventure where the normal conveniences of home are not available. […]