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Preparedness and The Meaning of Life

A reflection by Denis Korn

A recent discussion with a friend stimulated me into thinking once again about one of Mankind’s most enduring and fundamental questions – What is the meaning of life? Thousands of books, articles and posts have been devoted to this greatest of questions.

So what does this vital issue have to […]

Reflections on Fear and Preparedness

By Denis Korn

This is the first in a series of posts on fear and its influence on emergency preparedness planning, actions and being self-reliant. The purpose of these posts is not to give you some magic formula on how to live without fear. I simply wish to point out some insights for your reflection. […]

Is the family secure when you're away?

By Denis Korn

A recent conversation during an interview reminded me of a presentation I made some years back to a large gathering of preparedness professionals. This convention consisted of folks who came from all over the country and of course this meant that they would be gone from their families for a few […]

Are we vulnerable?

Being prepared for emergencies is simply a good and proper idea and a prudent action to take. If you need examples of why, look to the past and refer to the natural disasters, financial disruption, and man-made devastation that has occurred. Then look at the present for more evidence of potential tribulations and peril. Where […]