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  • An essential question that must be thoughtfully answered is; what length of time am I preparing for? 3 days? 2 weeks? One month? 3 months? Or more? Each time frame will require different food and water products. As you study your options and choices, time will be one of the most difficult conclusions to reach. It is the pivotal decision on which all choices are made. It requires a careful examination of the severity of many scenarios that might occur in an emergency situation. The uniqueness, uncertainty, and widely differing opinions on current problems in our lives, makes your scenarios more difficult to form than any other you have ever considered. As time concerns increase, so does the potential catastrophic impact on society and daily life.
  • Obviously emergencies of just a few days are the easiest in which to prepare. Emergencies of a few weeks take some careful thought. When you plan for months it is imperative that you seriously study you options and costs. For those who plan for a year or more a complete detailed assessment of all aspects of your daily life and balanced diversity of all types of food and water sourcing is essential. Long term reliance on emergency preparedness supplies requires a serious life style alteration.
  • Don’t spend time and money buying garden seeds and wheat grinders if you truly believe there will be only limited problems in your emergency scenario. Start with the short term needs and proceed logically to the long term.

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