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The Chicken Little & Boy Who Cried Wolf Media

By Denis Korn

Discernment Anyone?

The media I refer to is both mainstream and alternative – TV – Radio – Internet – Print – Entertainment.  This brief post is a follow-up to my last post and once again the essential theme is TRUST.

At a time when our society is plagued and overwhelmed by great delusion, fallacy and myth we are a people hungry for trust and longing for truth.

In this era of dis and mis-information and deceptive and self-serving media, developing discernment skills is crucial.  Because we are surrounded with so many disturbing and challenging scenarios that have the potential of significantly impacting our lives, many in the media have chosen to take advantage of vulnerable and fragile minds.

Claiming that the sky is falling (both figuratively and literally) and that the wolf is at the door has become so commonplace in both the mainstream – this I would expect – and the alternative – shame on them – media, that the truly concerned person is once again left wondering who can be trusted.  As so often is the case, fear and anxiety are used to alarm the citizenry – and so many folks just keep it coming.

Why?  So you will stay tuned and buy the sponsors products – so you will have to keep returning to your favorite talk show host for a “reality” check – for validation of your worldview and opinion – for comfort and camaraderie in the middle of the storm – because you need fear and trepidation to keep you stimulated – because these programs are more entertainment than factual – because you are  looking for someone to believe in.  Don’t be deceived – most media personalities and organizations are so self-serving and manipulative that they are unable to really give a damn about the subtle and blatant effects that they have on on our society.

Don’t misunderstand my position – maybe the sky is falling – maybe the wolf is fighting for your heart, soul and mind – maybe these are the end times – maybe a big transformation is imminent – maybe some or all of the impacting scenarios I have written about will come to pass – or maybe events won’t be as catastrophic as predicted – or maybe they’ll be worse.  Whatever the truth may be the key questions are:   What is you attitude about these possibilities?  What are you going to choose to do about it?  How edifying, informative and supportive is all the negativity and fear mongering?  Are you going to merely react or will you do some essential critical thinking? Do you believe there is a Divine component to the issues and events of these times?  Who do you trust?  Why?

I repeat here an important and sincere paragraph from my last post:

Confusing information and not knowing who to trust is one of the premier issues of our times – not only as it relates to politics, social institutions, education and the media – but also to what I am dedicated to doing – emergency preparedness planning and supplying quality products. In my 36 years in this industry and 42 years of related studies I have not seen more misinformation, deliberate deceit and blatant ignorance relating to matters of preparedness, end times prophesy, interpretation of world events, economic reality and the value and meaning of freedom. We are pulled in so many directions by so many self-serving special interests, it is no wonder that so many folks are confused, delusional, fearful and unable to discern the truth from the lie.

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